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Classroom Behaviour

Classroom Behaviour
A Practical Guide to Effective Teaching, Behaviour Management and Colleague Support

Fourth Edition
  • Bill Rogers - Independent Educational Consultant, Victoria, Australia
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March 2015 | 352 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd

This exciting new edition of the best-selling and beloved teacher's companion looks at the everyday behaviour issues facing teachers working in today's classrooms. Describing real situations and dilemmas, Bill Rogers provides theoretically sound strategies and best practices to support you in meeting the challenges of the job, as well as building up a rapport with both students and colleagues to enable positive and productive learning environments. 

Written jargon-free in Bill's accessible and empathetic voice it includes in-depth strategies, practical examples, case studies and pragmatic hints and tips to put in to practice. This will make for informative and inspiring reading to all those involved in educating our children and young people. 

The new edition has been revised and updated and now also includes access to an interactive website packed with a host of extra material to take you further.  

  • Videos of Bill demonstrating his behaviour strategies in real classroom settings
  • Podcasts where Bill explains his ideas and ethos in more detail as well as answering teachers' FAQs
  • Extra reading material for even more support on difficult subjects
  • Behaviour Management Tool Templates to use with students in the everyday classroom
  • Role-play scenario cards to help understand and prepare for challenging situations

“We often think of behaviour management in terms of dealing with challenging behaviour, but Dr Rogers begins by looking at classroom organisation and whole-class strategies. Alongside the theory, he provides examples that create a much deeper understanding of exactly what works and what doesn’t.” - Special magazine 

Introduction: I never thought I'd become a teacher
Chapter 1: The dynamics of classroom behaviour
Chapter 2: New class, new year - the establishment phase of behaviour management
Chapter 3: The language of behaviour management and discipline
Chapter 4: Effective teaching - fundamental understanding and skills
Chapter 5: Management beyond the classroom - behaviour consequences
Chapter 6: Challenging children and children with emotional and behavioural difficulties
Chapter 7: Managing behaivour in ourselves and others
Chapter 8: When things get difficult - hard class, hard times

Recommendation from previous tutor.
It is a fairly idiosyncratic approach which is liked by some trainees but not respected by others.

Dr John Woollard
School of Education, Southampton University
August 21, 2021

All the necessary information you need to start your teaching career

Mr Adam Haill
Vocational Education, Suffolk New College
June 2, 2020

Essential reading for HE students in their second year of a foundation degree. Clear links to practice to support classroom management and behaviour support for a range of children's needs.

Miss Tracey Canham
Health Care and Early Years, Swindon College
October 23, 2017

This book is written very clearly in simple terms with great guidance on how to handle almost any situation. I have found the advice easy to follow and use. I would thoroughly recommend this book for anyone working within teaching or with people in almost any situation.

Ms Dee D'e
Education, Grimsby Institute of HE And FE
January 21, 2017

Accessible language and style suitable for trainee teachers, NQTs and beyond. Pertinent to EYFS focus as part of the programme.

Mrs Nicola Rose Banks
Faculty of Education and Society, Sunderland University
October 10, 2016

Sensible and practical advice from Bill Rogers, as expected from his previous texts. Doesn't disappoint.

Mrs Linzi McKerr
Institute of Education, University of Worcester
February 10, 2016

As student teachers the fear of engaging a class of 30 children is daunting. This book offers ideas, strategies and the reasoning behind these to support and build knowledge and understanding as well as expertise.

Clearly written, accessible and suitable for undergraduate as well as PG students.

Mrs Faith Anne Fletcher
Education, The University of Chester
September 1, 2016

Excellent text, a must read for teachers in training

Mrs Caroline Knight
Children,Health, Adventure & Public Services, South Devon College
July 13, 2016

An excellent revised edition of a practical guide to support behaviour management.

Sasha Pleasance
Teacher Training, South Devon College
July 6, 2016

An excellent manual on classroom behaviour

Mr sean flanagan
Computing, Runshaw College
July 1, 2016