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Teaching resources for textbooks

Our online resources give guidance and support in using a textbook to teach a course. Use these resources in flipped, blended and face-to-face learning, or give them to your students for self-study activities before or after class. 

Closely related to the textbook, they are comparable to pedagogy within the book and are carefully developed and explained to make them easy to use. 

They can include: 

PowerPoint slides 

Save time with our simple, customizable PowerPoint slides. They include 10 – 15 slides per chapter, key points and topics from each chapter and tables, figures, and images from the book for teaching purposes.  

Instructor’s manual 

Have resources to hand with our Instructor’s Manuals. They often include teaching notes to accompany each chapter of the book and may incorporate book content. They include a selection of the following teaching resources: 

  • Case studies 
  • Chapter summaries 
  • Class activities 
  • Discussion, exam or essay questions 
  • Further exercises and answers to exercises in the text 
  • Further reading recommendations 
  • Teaching and/or learning objectives 
  • Tips for lecturers 
  • Web and video links 


Test your students about their learning with 10-30 questions to accompany each chapter of the book. Testbanks can include a combination of multiple-choice questions, short answer questions, and True or False questions. 


Support students in practising and mastering data analysis at their own pace with our datasets. 

SAGE content 

Take advantage of more SAGE content. Along with author-created online resources, textbooks often include content from our digital platforms SAGE Knowledge and SAGE Research Methods to give you quality, peer-reviewed teaching resources. This content can include video, book chapters, cases studies and datasets. 

Need to find out which resources your textbook includes?

Find these on the textbook's information page, by searching for your textbook title, author or ISBN, or browsing all textbooks.

Have a question about these resources?

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Need more general support with teaching online?

For more general support and best practices to navigate teaching online see our resources for teaching online page.