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Journal Editorial Board Members

Welcome to the Editorial Board Members (EBMs) Hub. Whether you are an Early Career Researcher interested in taking the first steps to collaborate with a Journal, or an experienced researcher interested in joining an Editorial Board, you’re in the right place. Here you’ll find guidance on how to gain the experience needed to join an Editorial Board, how to make the most of Editorial Board membership, and how Sage supports and rewards active EBMs.

Why become an Editorial Board Member: Advancing your Research and Career

Why become an editorial board member

Editorial Board membership provides many opportunities to advance your research, network within your field, and develop your career prospects.

Peer-review: Why do it, and how to get involved?

Peer Review

An important step towards gaining the experience required to join an Editorial Board is to become a strong peer reviewer, so find out how you can get involved.

Starting out: Early Career Researchers and Editorial Board membership

Starting out

If you are in the early stages of your research career and are interested in serving on a Journal’s Editorial Board but are not sure about the steps involved, this is a great place to start.

EBMs with Teaching and Mentoring responsibilities

EBMs with Teaching

If you have reached the stage in your career where teaching, lecturing and mentoring form part of your role, Sage has a suite of resources to support you.

Why Sage? Rewards for active Sage Editorial Board Members

Why Sage rewards

Our active Editorial Board Members can benefit from our partnership with Web of Science, discounts on books, free journal access and a carefully curated portfolio of classroom, research and teaching resources to support their academic and professional development.