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Contacts in Editorial / Aquisitions

Subject areas Editor Email
Counselling and Psychotherapy Susannah Trefgarne
Health Amy Jarrold
Coaching Amy Jarrold
CBT Amy Jarrold
Sociology, Criminology and Politics Natalie Aguilera
Education Marianne Lagrange

Jude Bowen

James Clark

Amy Thornton
Learning Matters Education Amy Thornton
Early Childhood Jude Bowen
Higher Education James Clark
Teacher Training James Clark
SEND Jude Bowen
Geography and Urban Studies Robert Rojek
Social Work and Social Policy Kate Wharton
Business, Management, Marketing and Organisation Studies Kirsty Smy

Delia Martinez Alfonso

Matthew Waters (on maternity leave)
Psychology Luke Block
Research Methods Mila Steele

Jai Seaman
Media, Communication & Cultural Studies Mila Steele
Study Skills Marianne Lagrange
Nursing Becky Taylor
Nursing (Learning Matters Nursing) Alex Clabburn