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The environment at SAGE is personal and inviting. Placing a high value on the relationship with our authors, we work diligently to form strong publishing partnerships.

Editorial Contacts

If you have an idea for a book, we would love to hear from you. Our editors welcome proposals from new and established authors, at different stages of their career, and will work with you to develop and shape your ideas. Below you will find a list of disciplines in which we publish. Please click on your discipline to find the relevant editors.

Business & Management                                  Politics & International Relations
Counselling, Psychotherapy & Coaching                                  Psychology
Criminology   Research Methods
Education   Social Work
Media, Communication & Cultural Studies   Sociology 
Nursing & Health   Study Skills



Kirsty Smy
Organization Studies, Organizational Behaviour, Management, Strategy
I joined the SAGE Business and Management team in 2011 with 8 years prior experience at a variety of publishers including the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development and Routledge. I have worked across a wide range of business and management areas, but currently specialise in organization studies, organizational behaviour, management and strategy. For me, little beats the thrill of receiving and shaping a new proposal, so if you have an idea, please do reach out. 

Matthew Waters
Marketing, International Business, Entrepreneurship/Innovation, Tourism, Events, Hospitality, Sport
After university I worked as an academic bookseller at Waterstones, Queen Mary University of London. I started at SAGE as an Editorial Assistant in 2006 and was promoted through Assistant Editor and Development Editor roles. I next worked as a Sales Representative for SAGE, deepening my knowledge of academics’ content preferences and the university environment. I moved back into the Editorial department in 2012 and am now a Publisher on the Business & Management list. 

Ruth Stitt (on maternity leave from October 2022)
HRM, Leadership, Change Management, Business Ethics/CSR, Business Skills, Business Research Methods 
first joined SAGE as an Editorial Assistant on the Business and Management team back in 2010. I then left to become a Commissioning Editor at Macmillan Education and then work as a freelance editor for a number of years. In 2018 I re-joined the Business and Management at SAGE and now work as a Senior Commissioning Editor, commissioning across a range of subjects including HRM, business research methods and leadership.

Amy Minshull
HRM, Leadership, Change Management, Business Ethics/CSR, Business Skills, Business Research Methods
I began my career in publishing in 2013 at Wiley Blackwell in Oxford, first working on Life Sciences journals before moving to Psychology books. I joined Kogan Page as a Development Editor and worked closely with authors across many subject areas including management and leadership, HR and change management and logistics and supply chain management. Once I was promoted to Commissioning Editor I developed my own list in business, finance and operations, and enjoyed commissioning new clusters in data analytics and fintech. After a brief stint with the Civil Service I joined SAGE in 2022 as Senior Commissioning Editor in Business and Management.


Susannah Trefgarne
I have been commissioning in counselling, psychotherapy, and coaching for SAGE since 2007, prior to which I worked at publishers including Routledge and Zed Books. I am passionate about collaborating with and supporting authors to create books and resources that support trainees and practitioners, and contribute to the development of theory and practice in the helping professions. Beyond SAGE, I work as a counsellor in private practice and in a community counselling service. To get our publishing updates, follow me on Twitter @SusannahTref



James Clark
Initial Teacher Education (Primary and Secondary), Teacher CPD (all ages), Educations Studies, HE Policy & Practice, Educational Research Methods, Educational Leadership
I’ve been commissioning Education books at SAGE for over a decade. Working with authors who want to help people become better teachers, or to understand what underpins high-quality teaching and learning is an immensely rewarding experience and I feel privileged to work with a range of brilliant authors and terrific people across the discipline.

Delayna Spencer
Eary Years and SEND
I joined SAGE in 2015 as an Editorial Assistant and having worked across a range of subjects, I’ve happily settled as a Commissioning Editor in Education. It is a privilege to work with authors who are passionate about education and who want to create books which support people in being the best practitioner they can be. I’m keen to hear from people with new ideas and work closely with them to translate that idea into an invaluable resource for students and practitioners. Outside of work, I’m walking my dog and am often suspended from an aerial hoop. Follow me on Twitter: @delayna_spencer.

Amy Thornton
Adult Education & Lifelong Learning, Initial Teacher Education (Primary and Secondary) and Early Years for the Learning Matters imprint
I have worked in publishing since 1999 and began working for Learning Matters as Education Editor in 2008. I enjoy working with authors - developing book projects, sharing successes and supporting them through challenges. I am keen to learn more about the world of teacher training and education and I value the time I spend talking to and visiting teachers and teacher trainers. Often, it’s the informal conversations that lead to great book ideas. Beyond work, I am Chair of Governors at our local primary school.  I live in Devon and am most happy walking on coastal paths, moors or beaches with my family and friends. 



Natalie Aguilera
am currently Publisher for textbooks across sociology, criminology, media, communication and cultural studies. I joined SAGE in 2005 and, over my time here, I’ve commissioned books, videos and reference products across the social sciences. I am a passionate believer in the value of social science and its crucial role in helping to tackle key social issues and achieve positive social change. Outside of work, I am a parent of two small children, and I am actively involved in campaigning on a number of issues, most recently for affordable childcare. If you have an idea for a new title in any of the areas listed, I’d be excited to hear from you, so do please get in touch. You can find me on twitter  @Nat_Aguilera_.

Michael Ainsley
Social science ideas and impact titles, and social science handbooks
Working at SAGE was my first ‘proper’ job. I started in 2004 in the Marketing team, before moving across to Editorial in 2016. Thinking critically and being able to seriously analyse and research society is more important than ever. Good books help students and researchers do both, so get in touch if you have an idea. I’m on Twitter @lc_1979.



Laura Walmsley
I first joined SAGE in 2013, working across health and social care before settling as a commissioning editor on our fantastically vibrant nursing and health lists. Working with authors passionate about nurse education and shaping the next generation of confident, skilled professionals is a real privilege. Whether an experienced or first-time author, if you are interested in writing or have ideas for a new text, I’d love to hear from you. 

Martha Cuneen
I joined SAGE in 2018 as Assistant Editor for the Business and Management team, before working as a Development Editor for a few years and eventually moving to join the Nursing team as Commissioning Editor in 2022. I’m responsible for the nursing titles under our Learning Matters imprint, commissioning textbooks for pre-reg students and trainee nursing associates. I love working with authors who are so passionate about supporting students and furthering nursing education, and if you have an idea (or the start of an idea) and are interested in writing I’d love to hear from you. Outside of work you can find me at the cinema, steadily building up my “to read” pile, and failing to knit a cardigan.



Andrew Malvern
My passion for Politics and IR stems from studying PPE at Warwick, and I haven't been able to shake it off since! After university, I moved into academic publishing and joined SAGE having previously commissioned Politics textbooks at Palgrave. I am lucky to really enjoy my work - every day I speak with passionate researchers and teachers, and read books on subjects I love. It's a privilege to be involved in publishing the next generation of Politics and IR textbooks. I would love to hear from you if you are interested in writing or have any ideas on how a new text could look. 



Amy Maher (on maternity leave from July 2022)
Social and Developmental Psychology
I have worked at SAGE since 2007 (minus a year off I spent in Australia) and have worked on nearly all the disciplines SAGE publishes books in and now lead the Psychology Books team. I enjoy working with authors to create books that are invaluable to students or that move the discipline forward. I believe that book projects are collaborations reliant on relationships. Therefore, I am keen to hear from people interested in writing and it doesn’t need to be a fully formed idea. In fact, it’s the thinking through I like best. When not working, I’ll be cooking or eating mostly. You can also reach me @Amy_Maher_SAGE

Martin Perchard
I joined SAGE in 2017 and have spent the past few years commissioning and developing pedagogical research methods materials. Now working in the psychology books team, I am excited to build relationships with both established and nascent authors with interests in excellent pedagogy and advancing the field. I believe candour and reflective practise are key to strong author-editor relationships. Outside of publishing, I’m a keen reader (even beyond SAGE textbooks), a Spurs fan, and I always enjoy the opportunity to explore new locations and cuisines.

Janka Romero
Cognitive Psychology, Biological Psychology, Applied Psychology, Individual Differences
I joined SAGE in 2022 as a Senior Commissioning Editor for Psychology, having previously commissioned psychology books at Cambridge University Press. Within SAGE's Psychology Books team, I commission in the areas of cognitive psychology, biological psychology, neuroscience, applied psychology, individual differences, research methods, and study skills. I am passionate about the role of psychological science in understanding and improving people's lives, and my focus is on textbooks that combine cutting-edge research, contemporary approaches, and engaging pedagogy to support student learning for the next generation of psychologists. I'd love to hear from potential authors, so please contact me directly if you have any questions about publishing psychology books at SAGE. You can also find me on Twitter: @jankaromero and on Mastodon:


Kate Keers
I have been at SAGE since 2009 and have worked across a range of subject lists relating to health and social welfare. I amcurrently Senior Commissioning Editor for Social Work and Study Skills, looking after both SAGE and Learning Matters books, and have a broad range of interests in both areas from issues of child protection, policy and mental health to critical thinking, writing, and student wellbeing. I am keen to hear from authors about new writing ideas, especially about books for students and professionals.Outside of work, I enjoy long distance running and dancing. I’m also a keen, but amateur, DIYer and neverhappier than when I have a good book to read. Follow me on Twitter @Kate_Keers



Jai Seaman
I am responsible for the Research Methods list, a list dedicated to publishing cutting-edge methods and methodology and to supporting students, researchers and lecturers in every aspect of their research. I believe that research methods empower students to ask good questions and to see the world in a new way. High quality research tools enable researchers and academics to challenge and change society. I also believe that research methods at SAGE has a responsibility to reflect and include diverse opinions and voices. I am committed to ensuring every student, early career researcher and professor will find their lived experiences reflected in our content. I am always happy to answer questions and to hear from academics in any department or country looking to write a research methods title – quantitative, qualitative or mixed method, big data or single case study, digital or muddy field. I am also available on Twitter; @JaiSeaman

Umeeka Raichura
I joined SAGE in 2017 as an Editorial Assistant on the Reference list where I had the opportunity to work closely on a large range of cross-disciplinary Handbook titles. I am now a Commissioning Editor in Research Methods with a passion for student needs and empowerment. It's a privilege to work with dedicated, creative authors who likewise want to empower students so I'm really keen to hear about new ideas and help develop them into vital resources for students and researchers. Outside of work, I'm an avid hiker and amateur landscape photographer with a particular love of the Peak District.

Charlotte Bush
I first joined SAGE’s Research Methods team in early 2018 as an Editorial Assistant, where I worked across a range of titles spanning quant, qual and everything in between. In 2021 I took a secondment as a Development Editor, where I worked on several bestselling titles across Business & Management, Nursing, and Psychology, before re-joining the Research Methods team as an Associate Editor in early 2022. Currently my main focus is on commissioning new editions, as well as doing some content and market development activities for range of Research Methods titles. Outside of work you can find me sewing, singing or tackling my ever-growing unread shelf. I'm sporadically on Twitter @_charlottebush.


Contacts for other departments

If you have any specific questions about your book, please contact us using the following details. 

For queries relating to the production process, please contact your Production Editor direct.

Sales & Marketing:
For queries relating to the sales and marketing of your book, please email:


Working closely with SAGE’s subject specialist teams in our UK and US offices, our Asia-Pacific editorial team produces high-quality books tailored for the needs of the academic communities across the region. We work with authors from a range of academic disciplines across the whole of Asia-Pacific, helping them to bring their work to a global audience. To find out more please contact:

Asia-Pacific Editorial Office
Stella Gao, Rights/Book Publishing Executive