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Key Concepts in Leadership

Key Concepts in Leadership

August 2012 | 164 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd
What are the main characteristics of effective leadership?

How can we understand leadership today?

This wide-ranging, inter-disciplinary book provides readers with a complete introduction to the essentials of leadership. Included here are accessible and insightful entries on what leadership is, how it is practised and the relevant strengths and pitfalls. The book provides a one stop introductory guide to one of the most central and contested concepts in the social sciences.

An invaluable reference tool, this book offers insight into issues such as:

• Are leaders born or made?

• Authoritarian versus participative leadership

• The psychology of leaders and followers

• Leadership development

• Leadership styles, skills and functions

• Leadership in practice

This book is an indispensable guide to the central concepts of leadership for professionals and students alike.

How to Use This Book
Introduction by the Authors
Leadership Definition, Theory and Practice
The Entries
Accommodating Leadership and Competitive Leadership
Analytical Leadership and an Intuitive, Instant Leadership Approach
Authoritative Leadership and Participative Leadership
Avoiding Leadership and Involved Leadership
Behind-the-Scenes Leadership and Leading from the Front
Broad-Based and Functional Leadership
Change-Oriented Leadership and Continuity-Based Leadership
'Chillaxed Leadership' and 'Leadaholics'
Coaching and Mentoring-Oriented Leadership and Directive, Telling-What-to-Do Leadership
Colleague-Leading and Leading Prima Donnas
'Company-Branded' and 'Individually Branded' Leadership
Compromising Leadership and Co-Operative Leadership
Developmental-Oriented Leadership and Job-Hopping Leadership
Diversity Leadership and Leading Homogeneity
Eastern-Style and Western-Style Leadership: Contrasting and Converging National Cultures
Employee Leading and Volunteer Leading
EQ-Oriented Leadership and IQ-Oriented Leadership
Expert and Generalist Leadership
Extrovert and Introvert Leadership
Finance-Oriented Leadership and Marketing-Oriented Leadership
Global Leadership and Worldly Leadership
Goal-Oriented and Opportunistic Leadership
'Here and Now' Leadership and Legacy Leadership
HR-Oriented Leadership and Production-Oriented Leadership
Implementer Leadership and Shaper-Driver Leadership
Individualistic Leadership and Relationship-Oriented Leadership
Inspirational and Low-Key Leadership
Interim Leadership and Tenured Leadership
Knee-Jerk Leadership and Reflective Leadership
Long-Term Leadership and Project Management Leadership
Macro and Micro-Leadership
Nurturing Leadership and Toxic Leadership
Pragmatic and Principles-Driven Leadership
Concept Index
Name Index

A good reader for those undertaking a leadership qualification or in a relevent role. This book provides samples from practice to support the adoption of techniques and methods

Miss Nyree Kendall
Dept of Health & Social Studies, Bolton University
March 12, 2014

too much text, I missed the illustrations and graphics

Dr Zoltan Buzady
Business School, Central European University
February 20, 2014

Easy read and discusses issues that other books don't.

Mrs Louise Boole
Nursing, Counselling & Psychotherapy, Derby University
February 14, 2014

A useful book for student nurses to use to enable them to explore concepts of leadership

Mr Andrew Southgate
Adult Nursing Department, Canterbury Christ Church University
October 23, 2013

A recommended book that outlines the key concepts of leadership in a clear and concise manner.

Ms Louise Lawson
Dept of Nursing & Midwifery, Hertfordshire University
October 16, 2013

Covering a comprehensive range of leader types, this book explores every dimension of leadership using exemplars from corporate and third sector perspectives. A valuable text for both undergraduate and postgraduate students from a range of disciplines

Mrs Jeanette MacNaught
Centre for Employability & Professional Skills, Hull University
March 12, 2013

Excellent guide to leadership which encourages students to approach the subject from a number of different perspectives.

Mr Jim Gritton
School of Health and Social Care, Greenwich University
February 10, 2013

An excellent quick reference text for students on critical leadership issues.

Dr Daniel Salhani
Social Work , Univ of British Columbia
January 25, 2013

An excellent overview, demystifying many urban myths about leadership, and providing students with clear, accessible insights into the sometimes confused and confusing world of leadership concepts and leadership studies.

Mr Geoffrey Wolfson
Health Development, University of Greenwich
December 7, 2012

Comprehensive overview of key topics in leadership. Great for review of concepts and initiation of further discussion/exploration.

Ms Chrysavgi Sklaveniti
Dept of Management (Grad Sch of Bus), Strathclyde University
November 5, 2012

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