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Digital Luxury

Digital Luxury
Transforming Brands and Consumer Experiences

May 2019 | 280 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd
The fashion and luxury industries have been well-established for centuries, but the new disruptive digital environment is causing these industries to rethink their business case and adapt their brand offerings for consumers and experiences both online and offline, mixing physical place and digital space: phygital.

This exciting new text, the first on this timely subject, written by an expert author explores the current malaise and offers ways forward through a mixture of research and practice-led examples.
Part One
Chapter 1: What does digital luxury experience stand for?
Chapter 2: A new digital marketing strategy for luxury experience design
Chapter 3: Connecting with digital natives and sharing luxury experiences on social media
Part Two
Chapter 4: Immersive digital luxury experiences
Chapter 5: Connected digital luxury experiences
Chapter 6: Playful digital luxury experiences
Chapter 7: Humanized digital luxury experiences
Chapter 8: Prototyped digital luxury experiences
Part Three
Chapter 9: Switch to the experiential marketing mix (7Es) & design the ultimate digital luxury
Chapter 10: From big data to immersive smart data insights into digital luxury experience
Chapter 11: Phygital luxury consumption experiences: a new paradigm

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