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Criminology & Criminal Justice

the latest research in our journals. Criminology & Criminal Justice … SAGE’s Criminology list supports students, lecturers and … round our new Criminology page, on which we’ll be profiling new books …


Fundamentals of Research in Criminology and Criminal Justice, Second … Fundamentals of Research in Criminology and Criminal Justice, Third … The Practice of Research in Criminology and Criminal Justice, Fourth …

Criminology & Criminal Justice RC

Youth Violence and Juvenile Justice Criminology & Criminal JusticeCriminal Justice and Behavior … Criminal Justice Review …

SAGE Criminology, Criminal Justice, & Law News

Criminology to Improve Criminal Justice Outcomes The August 2017 special issue of Criminal Justice and Behavior puts forth several ideas on … alt="Criminology and Criminal Justice Cover" title="Criminology and Criminal Justice

Crowther-Dowey, Chris

Chris Crowther-Dowey

Chris Crowther-Dowey teaches Criminology at Nottingham Trent University and has considerable experience of teaching criminology and criminal justice … Introduction to Criminology and Criminal Justice (Palgrave …

Barbara Hudson

Lancashire. She has published extensively on socio-legal studies, criminology … comparative criminology and penology. She has research interests in penal … criminal justice. Hudson, Barbara …

Vanessa H. Woodward

Criminology at the University of West Georgia. She has a PhD in Criminal Justice from The University of Southern Mississippi. Her research has been published in American Journal of Criminal Justice and Deviant Behavior …

Daniel Glaser

criminology at the University of Southern California. He is the author or editor … American Society of Criminology, the Illinois Academy of Criminology, and California’s Association for Criminal Justice Research. Glaser, Daniel …

Matthew J. DeLisi

Academy of Criminal Justice Sciences and American Society of Criminology and … Criminology, Journal of Criminal Justice, Justice Quarterly, Pakistan Journal of … Professor in the Department of Sociology and Coordinator of the Criminal Justice