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The SAGE Handbook of Tourism Studies

The SAGE Handbook of Tourism Studies

First Edition
Edited by:

June 2009 | 736 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd

"The strongest overview I have encountered of the scope and the current state of research across all the fields involved in advancing our understanding of tourism. For its range of topics, depth of analyses, and distinction of its contributors, nothing is comparable."
- Professor Dean MacCannell, University of California, Davis

"The breadth of vision and sweep of accounts is remarkable, and range of topics laudable... a rare combination of the authoritative, the challenging and stimulating."
- Professor Mike Crang, Durham University

Tourism studies developed as a sub-branch of older disciplines in the social sciences, such as anthropology, sociology and economics, and newer applied fields of study in hospitality management, civil rights and transport studies.

This Handbook is a sign of the maturity of the field. It provides an essential resource for teachers and students to determine the roots, key issues and agenda of tourism studies, exploring:
  • The evolution and position of tourism studies
  • The relationship of tourism to culture
  • The ecology and economics of tourism
  • Special events and destination management
  • Methodologies of study
  • Tourism and transport
  • Tourism and heritage
  • Tourism and postcolonialism
  • Global tourist business operations

Ranging from local to global issues, and from questions of management to the ethical dilemmas of tourism, this is a comprehensive, critically informed, constructively organized overview of the field. It draws together an inter-disciplinary group of contributors who are among the most celebrated names in the field and will be quickly recognized as a landmark in the new and expanding field of tourism studies.

Tazim Jamal and Mike Robinson
Introduction: The Evolution and Contemporary Positioning of Tourism as a Focus of Study
David Bell
Tourism and Hospitality
Naomi Leite and Nelson Graburn
Anthropological Interventions in Tourism Studies
Adrian Franklin
The Sociology of Tourism
David Crouch
The Diverse Dynamics of Cultural Studies and Tourism
Philip Long and Mike Robinson
Tourism, Popular Culture and the Media
John K. Walton
Histories of Tourism
Sanjay K. Nepal
Tourism Geographies: A Review of Trends, Challenges and Opportunities
David J. Telfer
Development Studies and Tourism
John Fletcher
Economics of International Tourism
Linda K. Richter
Power, Politics and Political Science: The Politicization of Tourism
Andrew Holden
Tourism and Natural Resources
Nigel Evans
Tourism: A Strategic Business Perspective
Richard Sharpley
Tourism, Religion and Spirituality
Stephen Wearing and Jess Ponting
Breaking down the System: How Volunteer Tourism Contributes to New Ways of Viewing Commodified Tourism
Keith Hollinshead
Theme Parks and the Representation of Culture and Nature: The Consumer Aesthetics of Presentation and Performance
Robert Mugerauer Jr
Architecture and Urban Planning: Practical and Theoretical Contributions
Aylin Orbasli and Simon Woodward
Tourism and Heritage Conservation
Joseph E. Mbaiwa and Amanda L. Stronza
The Challenges and Prospects for Sustainable Tourism and Ecotourism in Developing Countries
Bernard Lane
Rural Tourism: An Overview
Stephen Page and Yue (Gurt) Ge
Transportation and Tourism: A Symbiotic Relationship?
Kathleen Rettie, A.P. Clevenger and Adam Ford
Innovative Approaches for Managing Conservation and Use Challenges in the National Parks: Insights from Canada
Brian King and Michael Pearlman
Planning for Tourism at Local and Regional Levels: Principles, Practices and Possibilities
Robert C. Ford and William C. Peeper
Destination Marketing Organizations: Convention and Visitors Bureaus
Richard Harrill
Destination Management: New Challenges, New Needs
Peter E Tarlow
Tourism Safety and Security
Bernadette Quinn
Festivals, Events and Tourism
Hazel Tucker and John Akama
Tourism as Post-Colonialism
Tony Seaton
Thanatourism and Its Discontents: An Appraisal of a Decade's Work with Some Future Issues and Directions
Tim Edensor
Tourism and Performance
Ulrike Gretzel and Daniel R. Fesenmaier
Information Technology: Shaping the Past, Present and Future of Tourism
Keith G. Debbage and Suzanne Gallaway
Global Tourism Business Operations: Theoretical Frameworks and Key Issues
R.E. Wood
Tourism and International Policy: Neo-Liberalism and beyond
Mick Smith
Ethical Perspectives: Exploring the Ethical Landscape of Tourism
Cara Aitchison
Gender and Tourism Discourses: Advancing the Gender Project in Tourism Studies
Misela Mavric and John Urry
Tourism Studies and the New Mobilities Paradigm (NMP)
Alison Phipps
Tourism and Languaging
G.R. Jennings
Methodologies and Methods
Mike Robinson and Tazim Jamal
Conclusions: Tourism Studies: Past Omissions, Emergent Challenges

This is the strongest overview I have encountered of the scope and the current state of research across all the fields involved in advancing our understanding of tourism. For its range of topics, depth of analyses, and distinction of its contributors, nothing is comparable. It will be greeted enthusiastically as an indispensable reference source.

Professor Dean MacCannell
University of California, Davis

The breadth of vision and sweep of accounts is remarkable, and range of topics laudable... a rare combination of the authoritative, the challenging and stimulating.

Professor Mike Crang
Durham University

The SAGE Handbook of Tourism Studies is a really useful and helpful book that gives a comprehensive and thorough overview of all aspects of tourism studies. The book is addressed to a wide range of people, including students, academics and professionals in tourism. It could be used either as a textbook or as an indispensable source of references… a valuable acquisition to the tourism section of any library.

Miroslava Dimitrova
European Journal of Tourism Research

Fantastic resource for my postgraduate students. This book has exposed my students to some of the key thinkers and concepts within Tourism Studies...a go-to resource!

Ms Rukeya Suleman
Bedfordshire Business School, Bedfordshire University
June 18, 2017

The book comprises chapters on basically all current issues in tourism. All chapters are very appealing and boast a lot of important information that is understandable to both students and professionals.

Mr Stephan Reichelt
Economics , Technical University of Dresden
July 4, 2016

This book is without a doubt a valuable resource guide for any person undertaking tourism studies. It provides a comprehensive and in depth overview of the key actors in tourism studies. An enjoyable and insightful discussion on the important aspects necessary in tourism studies.

Ms Kelly Maguire
Business and Humanities, Sligo Institute of Technology
February 24, 2016

This is a useful tool for tourism, students, academics as well as professionals. A well written and insightful discussion on all areas of tourism.

Mr Emmet McLoughlin
Marketing Department , Leisure and Tourism, Sligo Institute of Technology
February 15, 2016

Excellent source for both undergraduate and graduate students studying tourism phenomena. A must have on the library's shelve. Also a very valuable text for academics wishing to expand their tourism knowledge outside their area of research.

Dr xavier matteucci
Tourism and Hospitality Management, MODUL University Vienna
December 21, 2015

The book is well-structured and useful reference for tourism professionals, academics and researchers. It is really valuable as a supplemental book as it provides many references to previous research papers. The level of the book, however, is more suitable for learners at Level 5 and above and particularly those interested in doing any kind of research.

Mr Nikola Naumov
Travel & Tourism, UK College of Business & Computing
September 23, 2014

A comprehensive overview that provides a useful access to the subject.

Miss Rebecca Wilcox
Arts, Law & Social Sciences, University Centre Peterborough
June 17, 2013

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