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The SAGE Handbook of Organizational Institutionalism

The SAGE Handbook of Organizational Institutionalism

Second Edition
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May 2017 | 928 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd

The SAGE Handbook of Organizational Institutionalism brings together extensive coverage of aspects of Institutional Theory and an array of top academic contributors.

Now in its Second Edition, the book has been thoroughly revised and reorganised, with all chapters updated to maintain a mix of theory, how to conduct institutional organizational analysis, and contemporary empirical work. New chapters on Translation, Networks and Institutional Pluralism are included to reflect new directions in the field.

The Second Edition has also been reorganized into six parts:

  • Part One: Beginnings (Foundations)
  • Part Two: Organizations and their Contexts
  • Part Three: Institutional Processes
  • Part Four: Conversations
  • Part Five: Consequences
  • Part Six: Reflections
Royston Greenwood, Christine Oliver, Thomas B. Lawrence and Renate E. Meyer
David L. Deephouse, Jonathan Bundy, Leigh Plunkett Tost & Mark C. Suchman
Chapter 1: Organizational Legitimacy: Six Key Questions
Melissa Wooten and Andrew J. Hoffman
Chapter 2: Organizational Fields: Past, Present and Future
Eva Boxenbaum and Stefan Jonsson
Chapter 3: Isomorphism, Diffusion and Decoupling
Linda Wedlin and Kerstin Sahlin
Chapter 4: The imitation and translation of management ideas
Julie Battilana, Marya Besharov and Bjoern Mitzinneck
Chapter 5: On Hybrids and Hybrid Organizing: A Review and Roadmap for Future Research
C.R. (Bob) Hinings, Danielle Logue and Charlene Zietsma
Chapter 6: Fields, Institutional Infrastructure and Governance
Juan Almandoz, Chris Marquis and Michael Cheely
Chapter 7: Drivers of Community Strength: An Institutional Logics Perspective on Geographical and Affiliation Based Communities
Markus A. Höllerer, Peter Walgenbach and Gili S. Drori
Chapter 8: The Consequences of Globalization for Institutions and Organizations
Mary Ann Glynn
Chapter 9: Theorizing the Identity- Institution Relationship: Considering identity as antecedent to, consequence of, and Mechanism for, processes of institutional change
Cynthia Hardy and Steve Maguire
Chapter 10: Institutional Entrepreneurship and Change in Fields
Marc Schneiberg and Michael Lounsbury
Chapter 11: Social Movements and the Dynamics of Institutions and Organizations
Walter W. Powell and Claus Rerup
Chapter 12: Opening the Black Box: The Microfoundations of Institutions
Stephen R. Barley
Chapter 13: Coalface Institutionalism
Michael Smets, Angela Aristidou and Richard Whittington
Chapter 14: Towards a Practice-Driven Institutionalism
Nelson Phillips and Namrata Malhotra
Chapter 15: Language, Cognition and Institutions: Studying Institutionalization Using Linguistic Methods
Tammar B. Zilber
Chapter 16: The Evolving Role of Meaning in Theorizing Institutions
Walter W. Powell and Achim Oberg
Chapter 17: Networks and Institutions
Thomas B. Lawrence and Sean Buchanan
Chapter 18: Power, Institutions, and Organizations
William Ocasio, Patricia H. Thornton and Michael Lounsbury
Chapter 19: The Institutional Logics Perspective
Matthew S. Kraatz and Emily S. Block
Chapter 20: Institutional Pluralism Revisited
Christian E. Hampel, Thomas B. Lawrence and Paul Tracey
Chapter 21: Institutional Work: Taking Stock and Making It Matter
Jaco Lok, W.E. Douglas Creed, Rich DeJordy and Maxim Voronov
Chapter 22: Living institutions: Bringing emotions into organizational institutionalism
Candace Jones, Renate E. Meyer, Dennis Jancsary and Markus A. Höllerer
Chapter 23: The Material and Visual Basis of institutions
Rodolphe Durand and Romain Boulongne
Chapter 24: Advancing Category Research: Theoretical Mapping and Under-researched Areas
Robert J. David, Wesley D. Sine and Caroline Kaehr Serra
Chapter 25: Institutional Theory and Entrepreneurship: Taking Stock and Moving Forward
Gerald F. Davis
Chapter 26: Organizations, institutions, and inequality
John Amis, Kamal Munir and Johanna Mair
Chapter 27: Institutions and Economic Inequality
Donald Palmer
Chapter 28: Institutions, Institutional Theory, and Organizational Wrongdoing
P. Devereaux Jennings and Andrew J. Hoffman
Chapter 29: Institutional Theory and the Natural Environment: Building Research through Tensions and Paradoxes
Fabio Rojas
Chapter 30: Race and Institutionalism
Frank Dobbin and Alexandra Kalev
Chapter 31: Are Diversity Programs Merely Ceremonial? Evidence-Free Institutionalization
John W. Meyer
Chapter 32: Reflections on Institutional Theories of Organizations
W. Richard Scott
Chapter 33: Institutional Theory: Onward and Upward

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