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Learning & Knowledge

Learning & Knowledge

Edited by:

December 1998 | 272 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd
This textbook is founded on the idea of learning as knowledge construction and the implications of this for the nature of knowledge and for the way it is acquired.

The first section examines the nature of knowledge from several perspectives. The dominant theme is that views of learning closely relate to views of knowledge. The second section considers what it is to be knowledgeable. Expertise and types of knowledge are considered using examples from different phases of education and subject areas. The final part of the book focuses on learning within domains and what this means from different subject perspectives.

Learning and Knowledge is a Course Reader for The Open University course E836 Learning Curriculum and Assessment.

Robert McCormick and Carrie Paechter
Learning and Knowledge Construction

Israel Scheffler
Epistemology and Education
Wolff-Michael Roth
Authentic School Science
Intellectual Traditions

Jean Lave and Etienne Wenger
Legitimate Peripheral Participation in Communities of Practice
R Driver, et al
Perspectives on the Nature of Science
Michael Young
The Curriculum as Socially Organised Knowledge
Gary Spruce
Music, Music Education and the Bourgeois Aesthetic
Developing a Music Curriculum for the New Millennium

Robert Glaser
Expert Knowledge and Processes of Thinking
Sylvia Scribner
Knowledge at Work
Robert McCormick
Practical Knowledge
A View from the Snooker Table

J G Greeno, P D Pearson and A H Schoenfeld
Achievement and Theories of Knowing and Learning
Samuel Messick
Meaning and Values in Test Validation
The Science and Ethics of Assessment

Susan Carey and Carol Smith
On Understanding the Nature of Scientific Knowledge
H P A Boshuizen
Medical Education; Or The Art of Keeping a Balance Between Science and Pragmatics
Steven R Williams
Mathematics (Grades 7-12)
Carrie Paechter
Some Voices Are More Equal than Others
Subject and Other in the School Curriculum

Pamela L Grossman and Susan S Stodolsky
Content as Context
The Role of School Subjects in Secondary School Teaching


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