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Interviews in Qualitative Research

Interviews in Qualitative Research

Second Edition

December 2018 | 360 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd

With practical guidance regarding technique, this book provides you with top tips from real-world case studies and shares achievable checklists and interview plans to help you get the data you want from your interviews.

Whether you are doing interviews in your own research, or just using other researchers’ data, this book tells you everything you need to know about designing, planning, conducting and analyzing quality interviews. It explains how to:

  • Construct ethical research designs
  • Record and manage data
  • Transcribe notes
  • Analyse findings
  • Disseminate conclusions.
Philosophical Assumptions
Ethics in Qualitative Interviewing
Designing an Interview Study
Carrying out Qualitative Interviews
Group Interviews
Remote Interviewing
Visual Methods in Qualitative Interviewing
Reflexivity and Qualitative Interviewing
An Introduction to Interview Data Analysis
Interviews in Phenomenological Research
Interviews and Discourse Analysis
Interviews and Narrative

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