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Gender Issues in Elder Abuse

Gender Issues in Elder Abuse

October 1996 | 192 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd
The ways in which gender is central to the occurrence, detection and prevention of elder abuse are analyzed in this volume. Drawing on their own research, the authors identify the gendered nature of elder abuse in the following areas: most of the very elderly victims are women; in both domestic and institutional settings, women abuse women; a significant number of older women are abused by their sons; a significant number of older men are abused by their female partners and daughters; and abuse by nonrelatives and noncarers of both sexes occurs.

Gender Issues in Elder Abuse considers why much of the research on elder abuse has failed to engage with these facts. The authors call for a reframing of the issue of elder abuse, specifically in professional guidelines for dealing with abuse, which they insist, should include gender awareness. They argue for elder abuse to be considered as a human rights issue rather than a private problem.

Thinking in Numbers - The Feminization of Old Age and Its Conditions
Gender Issues in the History of Research on Elder Abuse
Ageism and Sexism - Discrimination in/of Old Age
Paid To Care - Gender Issues in Elder Abuse in Institutional Settings
Who Cares? A Gendered View of Care and Elder Abuse in Domestic Settings
Do We Care? Future Directions for Work on Gender Issues in Elder Abuse


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