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Events Management

Events Management
An International Approach

Third Edition
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December 2021 | 376 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd

Taking an explicit international approach to the subject, Events Management combines theory and practice to address the challenges and opportunities of working in a global world to help prepare students for the realities of the events management sector.

Written by a high profile international team of editors and contributors, the text features cases spanning Europe, Africa, Asia, Australia and North America, and covers key topics and issues such as fundraising, sponsorship, globalization and sustainability. It also aims to bolster student employability through the inclusion of features such as practical asides and case studies to give students a window into the real life of a practitioner.

Brand new to the third edition:
- An in-depth examination of the implications of Covid-19 for international events, including sponsorship arrangements, risk management and future job prospects for events management graduates

- Two brand new chapters covering developments in digital marketing and accessible events management

- Case studies featuring India, Australia, Peru, Europe, UK and USA and covering events such as music festivals, Holi, Mardi Gras as well as mega events such as the Olympics

- Updated theory about the critical global issues affecting events and the main drivers of change in the industry

- A companion website featuring links to interactive learning resources, an Instructors manual for lecturers, events-related videos for fun additional educational viewing, and author-selected SAGE journal articles for advanced learning.

Suitable for courses in Events Management and International Events Management.

Part 1: Introducing an International Approach to Events Management
Rosa Codina, Nicole Ferdinand and Stephen J. Shaw
Chapter 1: Understanding International Events
Nicole Ferdinand, Simone Wesner, Michael Chidzey and Giulia Rossetti
Chapter 2: The International Events Environment
Part 2: International Events Management in Practice
Nigel L. Williams, PMP
Chapter 3: Managing Event Projects
Bruce Johnson
Chapter 4: Building an Events Team
John R.T. Bustard and Paul J. Kitchin
Chapter 5: Marketing Events: An Ecosystem Perspective
Paul J. Kitchin and Rob Wilson
Chapter 6: Financing Events
Paul. J. Kitchin and John R.T. Bustard
Chapter 7: Event Sponsorship
Brent W. Ritchie and Sacha Reid
Chapter 8: Risk Management for Events
Jo-anne Tull
Chapter 9: Event Evaluation
Part 3: Contemporary Issues in International Events Management
Elena Cavagnaro, Albert Postma, Marisa P. de Brito and Amber Herrewijn
Chapter 10: The Sustainability Agenda and Events
Adrian Devine and Frances Devine
Chapter 11: A Strategic Approach to International Event Tourism
Simon Darcy, Paul J. Kitchin and Nicole Ferdinand
Chapter 12: Accessible and Inclusive Event Management
Nicole Ferdinand, Albert Postma and Liza Boucher
Chapter 13: The Future of International Events

Excellent book about Events in an international perspective. I covers all topics: a thorough view on the practical points and also the relevant contemporary issues around international Events.

Ms Carla Bento
Escola Superior de Turismo e Tecnologia do Mar, Polytechnic Institute of Leiria
October 20, 2022

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