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Counselling Adolescents

Counselling Adolescents
The Proactive Approach for Young People

Fifth Edition

October 2019 | SAGE Publications Ltd
Part I: Understanding the young person
1. The nature of adolescence
2. The influence of childhood experiences
3. Young people’s environments
4. The development of mental health problems
Part II: Proactive counselling for young people
5. Making counselling relevant for young people
6. The proactive process for counselling young people
7. Foundations of the proactive approach
8. Making use of adolescent communication processes
9. Useful counselling micro-skills
10. Promoting change in young people
11. Maintaining a collaborative relationship
Part III: Counselling strategies
12. Symbolic strategies
13. Creative strategies
14. Behavioural and cognitive behavioural strategies
15. Psycho-educational strategies
16. The use of technology when counselling young people
Part IV: Proactive counselling in practice
17. Professional and ethical issues
18. Case studies

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