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Correctional Counseling, Treatment, and Rehabilitation

Correctional Counseling, Treatment, and Rehabilitation

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May 2024 | 648 pages | SAGE Publications, Inc
Written for the undergraduate and graduate future practitioner, Correctional Counseling, Treatment, and Rehabilitation will provide an overview of how counseling exists within the correctional environment, both in institutional settings and community-based settings. Author Robert D. Hanser, recognized for both scholarship and practice in correctional mental health treatment, uniquely positions this text to offer a real-world, practitioner focused approach to the topic.  

Correctional Counseling, Treatment, and Rehabilitation approaches the reader with the presumption that there is a basic understanding of issues in corrections, however there is not any true exposure to offender treatment. Explaining the techniques and processes that are utilized in the actual treatment process, this text will equip all future correctional practitioners with an understanding of basic concepts within correctional counseling and treatment that are up-to-date and relevant to the world of practitioners. With a hands-on approach, this new text will guide students through how to apply this material throughout.
Chapter 1: Correctional Counseling, the Role of the Correctional Counselor, and Social Justice Issues with Correctional Clients
Chapter 2: Legal, Ethical, and Cross-Cultural Issues
Chapter 3: Assessment, Diagnosis, Classification, & Case Management
Chapter 4: Basic Rapport Building, Goal Setting, and Implementation
Chapter 5: Person Centered Treatment Planning
Chapter 6: Common Theoretical Counseling Perspectives
Chapter 7: Family Systems Therapy and Counseling
Chapter 8: Group Therapy
Chapter 9: Trauma Disorders and Trauma Treatment
Chapter 10: Substance Abuse Counseling and Co-occurring Disorders
Chapter 11: Youth Counseling
Chapter 12: Anger Management and Domestic Abuse Counseling
Chapter 13: Gender-Specific Counseling
Chapter 14: Sex Offenders
Chapter 15: Older Offenders, Dying/Grief/Mourning, & Suicide Issues
Chapter 16: Evaluation, Effectiveness & Offender Recidivism

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