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Creating Effective IEPs

Creating Effective IEPs
A Guide to Developing, Writing, and Implementing Plans for Teachers

June 2018 | 88 pages | SAGE Publications, Inc

Creating Effective IEPs: A Guide to Developing, Writing, and Implementing Plans for Teachers is a brief primer on Individualized Education Plans that provides practical instruction for writing IEPs, leading IEP meetings, and implementing the goals in a classroom setting. Those who are new to the IEP process will gain a clear and working knowledge of each component of the process from pre-referral to implementation. Each step is presented as a part of a “journey” that each student who has an IEP must travel and addresses many of the issues and concerns that both pre-service and novice teachers encounter. Practical exercises, lesson development tools, and real-world appendices help make the material accessible for students preparing to enter the workforce.

Bundle option available with Special Education in Contemporary Society, 6e using ISBN:


1. Individualized Education Plans and the Law: IFSP, IEP, ITP, and SOP
Litigation and Legislation—The Justification of Special Education

Serving a Purpose

Individualized Plans Required by IDEA 2004

2. Stages of IEP Development: Prereferral, Referral, Assessment, and Eligibility
Prereferral Intervention

Referral for Evaluation

Multidisciplinary Evaluation Team and Evaluation


3. The IEP Team Meeting
Participants in the IEP Meeting

Writing the IEP

4. The Individualized Transition Plan (ITP)
Individualized Transition Plan Defined

Preparing the Individualized Transition Plan

Transition IEP Meeting

5. Implementing the IEP
Effective Collaboration Between General and Special Education Teachers

Instructional Design to Address IEP Goals and Objectives

Progress Reporting

Annual Review

Triennial Review

The Journey’s End—A New Beginning

APPENDIX A: Federal Regulations—Title 34: 300.300-300.328
APPENDIX B: State Special Education Websites
APPENDIX C: Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973
APPENDIX D: CEC Code of Ethics
APPENDIX E: Supplemental Materials
Activity 2.1: Intervention Planning Matrix

Activity 3.1: Writing PLAAFPs

Activity 3.3: Writing Annual Goals From PLAAFPs

Activity 4.1: Preparing Appropriate Measurable Postsecondary Goals That Address Education

Activity 4.2: Preparing Appropriate Measurable Postsecondary Goals That Address Employment

Activity 5.1: Differentiating Instruction

Activity 5.2: Universal Design for Learning Lesson Planning


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