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Preparing for university

Have you just started university? Is there a slight feeling of anxiety accompanying your excitement that you can’t quite shake? Don’t worry it’s completely natural to be feeling this way, and remember, everyone else is in the same boat.  However… there are definitely some things that you can do to make your voyage at university smooth, storm free and watertight!


Download our free study skills eBook

We don't just automatically 'know' how to study or 'know' how to present, we need to learn to develop effective writing skills, or assessment techniques. The Essential Study Hacks eBook is your free go-to guide for strategies and tips on time management, presentations, proof reading, exam preparations and more.


Read these free chapters on starting university

Put your money away! These chapters packed full of useful info for new students are completely free.

1. Leaving Home and Starting University The first week of the academic year is chaotic. Nobody knows where anything is happening, or when it’s happening, timetables change every few minutes.This free chapter looks at areas which tend to bring stress in the first couple of weeks and ways of dealing with them.

2. Understanding How You Think and Learn Just as people demonstrate different personalities in social situations, there are various theories that suggest that we have preferences in how we approach new information and experiences. Read this chapter and reflect on yourself as an individual learner – what do you do well, what do you find more challenging? 

3. Living and Studying in the UK Are you an international student worried about your English, or saying and doing the 'right’ thing in situations which are strange to you? Mike Courtney & Xiangping Du provide information on the areas that might have you concerned, from communcation issues, to food and even climate! 


Take a break and play these study games

All work and no play won't make you study better. Play these freshers games and give your brain a rest.



Read one student's advice for freshers

Take the advice of someone who’s been in your shoes. Here are 5 Top Tips for Freshers from a student in their final year. There's handy info on subjects such as finding appropriate sources, tracking your reading and structuring your work.


Take our study quizzes

It's all too easy to think we're not cut out for studying, especially with all the distractions going on around us. So, stop taking quizzes to find out which Game of Thrones character you are and take these study quizzes instead.  You might find something to help you study better!





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