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International Marketing

International Marketing

Second Edition
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November 2018 | 672 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd

Now in its second edition, International Marketing continues to provide its trademark integrated approach that explores marketing concepts in depth within a truly international context.

The authors discuss five key factors that impact any international marketing venture – culture, language, political/legal systems, economic systems, and technological differences – in relation to the core marketing concepts of markets, products, pricing, distribution (place), and promotion.

The book also covers sustainability and bottom-of-the-pyramid issues within each chapter with rich illustrations and examples from both multinational companies and smaller local concerns.

New to the second edition:

  • More global focus through new examples, case studies and the experience brought by new co-author, Barbara Czarnecka
  • Brand new chapter on Culture & Cross-Cultural Marketing, including political unrest and the recent return to nationalism (e.g. Brexit and the Trump presidency) and further coverage of developing countries
  • New coverage of digital advances and social media marketing
  • Updated theory and methods, including Service Dominant Logic (S-DL), Consumer Culture Theory (CCT), and Netnography
  • Additional videos supplementing the comprehensive online resource package for students and lecturers

A wealth of online resources complement this book. These include a test bank of 50-65 questions per chapter, PowerPoint slides, sample syllabi, interactive maps, country fact sheets, flashcards, SAGE journal articles, and guidelines for developing a marketing plan.



PART I. Essentials of International Marketing
1. Introduction to International Marketing
2. Culture and Cross-Cultural Marketing
3. Global Trade and Integration
4. Country Selection and Entry Strategies
5. International Marketing Planning, Organization and Control
PART II. International Markets and Market Research
6. Markets and Segmentation in an International Context
7. International Positioning
8. Market Research in the International Environment
PART III. International Product Marketing
9. International Product and Brand Marketing
10. International Product Standardization and Adaptation
PART IV. International Pricing and Finance
11. International Pricing
12. International Finance and Pricing Implications
PART V. International Place or Distribution
13. International Marketing Channel Management
14. International Distribution: Exporting and Retailing
PART VI. International Promotion
15. Globally Integrated Marketing Communications
16. International Sales Promotions and Public Relations


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Student resources:

·       Flashcards

·       Self-quizzes 

·       Learning Objectives and Chapter Outlines 

·       Video Resources 

·       SAGE Journal Articles

·       International Marketing Plan

·       Maps 


Lecturer resources:

·       Test Bank 

·       PowerPoints slides 

·       SAGE Journal Articles 

·       Answers to End-of-Chapter and Discussion Questions 

·       Class Assignments 

·       Learning Objective and Chapter Outlines 

·       Course Syllabi

·       Course Cartridge 

This now updated and comprehensive textbook offers a truly global approach to International Marketing and combines classic approaches to marketing (the 4Ps) with new developments in the field (S-DL, for example) alongside broader societal issues and impacts such as digitalization, sustainability, and trade wars and protectionism. A must read for all Marketing and Management students!

Professor Constantine Katsikeas
Editor-in-Chief of the 'Journal of International Marketing', Leeds University Business School, University of Leeds, UK

This book will be used as a core-literature. I am very satisfied (especially also with the supplementary online material).

Ms Sandra Pauser
Department of Marketing, University of Vienna
February 6, 2021

Current and up-to-date.

Dr Doreen Sams
Marketing, Georgia College/State Univ
March 20, 2020

Unfortunately, I never received the book. It would be great if you could give me an ecopy. There seem to problems with shipping every time I order a print copy.

Professor Annette Hoxtell
Professor of Business Administration, HWTK University of Applied Sciences
August 13, 2020

Very clear explanations and applications. Good for Level 3 BTEC learners.

Miss Sam Shepley
Business School, Oldham College
June 28, 2019

Will consider as replacement for an older (though updated) marketing foundations text. This is very nicely laid out for a 'modern' reader, boxes, examples, cases etc; and good flow and sequence of topics.

Professor Colin McCulloch
International Finance and Management, Pyongyang University of Science And Technology
September 5, 2019

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