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Building Skills for Effective Primary Teaching

Building Skills for Effective Primary Teaching
A guide to your school based training

Second Edition
Edited by:

May 2020 | 304 pages | Learning Matters

This book supports primary trainees and their in school mentors to understand the complex nature of effective learning and teaching in primary schools.  

It explores the key skills required, helping trainees begin use them in their teaching, reflect on their development of these skills (with their mentors) and evaluate their impact on learning. 

This book supports and challenges primary trainee teachers and their mentors (both school based and university/SCITT based) by offering a range of approaches, strategies and perspectives to aspects of primary teaching. 

This new edition:

·       Includes practical guidance for building resilience

·       Explores the latest teaching approaches being trialled in schools

·       Supports trainees to work with their in school mentor

·       Includes new chapterss on professional identity and professional responsibilities


Part 1: Developing yourself as a teacher
Rebecca Geeson
Chapter 1 Becoming a reflective learner and teacher
Rachael Paige
Chapter 2 Teacher Identity
Rachael Paige
Chapter 3 Teacher Presence
Part 2: Approaches to teaching for learning
Sue Lambert
Chapter 4: Principles of teaching for learning
Sue Lambert, Ashley Compton, Andy Dickinson
Chapter 5: Learning and Teaching Approaches
Part 3: Fundamentals of classroom practice
Rebecca Geeson
Chapter 6: Planning for learning
Elizabeth Farrar
Chapter 7: Assessment
John Paramore
Chapter 8: Questioning to stimulate dialogue
Steve McNichol and Emma Clarke
Chapter 9: Behaviour
Part 4: An inclusive learning environment
Shaun Thompson
Chapter 10: Supporting children with Special Educational Needs and Disabilities
Ami Montgomery
Chapter 11: Supporting learners with English as an Additional Language (EAL)
Richard Woolley
Chapter 12: Supporting children in learning about difference
Part 5: Being a Teacher
Sue Lambert
Chapter 13: Professional Responsibilities
Emma Clarke
Chapter 14: Working with other Adults
Sue Lambert
Chapter 15: Well-being and Resilience for All
Adam Hounslow-Eyre
Chapter 16: A chapter for mentors

Feedback from students is very positive for this book. It was highly recommended by those that chose to use it.

Mr Simon Strawford
School Of Education, Newman University
January 7, 2021

This is a student friendly, pragmatic text that meets the needs of undergraduate ITT students.

Dr Linzi McKerr
Institute of Education, Worcester University
August 11, 2021