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Primary Professional Studies

Primary Professional Studies

Fourth Edition
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June 2018 | 408 pages | Learning Matters
Primary teacher training is challenging.  Trainees must be prepared to consider teaching in innovative ways, while remaining focused on the unchanging requirements of children’s learning. The fourth edition of this popular core book supports trainee teachers working towards primary QTS who need to take account of the diverse aspects of primary professional studies

This is a comprehensive, core text for the primary professional studies module.  It begins with an exploration of the curriculum and reviews the current curriculum.  The text moves on to look at 'The Developing Child' encouraging students to focus on child-centred teaching and learning and explores the needs and learning journeys of all children. 

The fourth edition includes new chapters on technology and learning, mindfulness in the classroom, reflective practice and completing research and writing assignments for primary teacher training.
Section 1 The curriculum
1 Transforming teaching and learning
2. Curriculum approaches
3. Children’s learning and development in the early years
4. New technologies and learning in primary schools
Section 2 The developing child
5. Child-centred teaching and learning
6. Including all learners
7. Transitions and progression
8. Children’s voice
Section 3 The developing teacher
9. Teaching as a profession
10. Establishing your own teacher identity
11. Reflective practice in primary schools
12. Safeguarding children
13. The school community: being part of a wider professional environment
14. Research and assignments for teaching and learning
Section 4 Teaching skills
15. Assessment
16. Planning
17. Managing behaviour for learning
18. Managing the learning environment
Section 5 Beyond initial teacher training
19. Personal professional development
Appendix: The Teachers Standards

Sample Materials & Chapters

Chapter 1: Transforming teaching and learning

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