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Learning to be a Teacher

Learning to be a Teacher

First Edition
  • John Lange - formerly at Institute of Education, University of London
  • Sue Burroughs-Lange - formerly at Institute of Education, University of London
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March 2017 | 248 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd
Being a successful teacher means constantly examining your own development to identify blind spots and ensure you engage on a meaningful level with teaching and learning. This book discusses theoretical and conceptual ideas, linked to direct strategies for the classroom, that guide students towards becoming proactive and effective learners, giving them the confidence to take charge of their professional future in teaching.

Built around a series of ‘contributing ideas', this book includes a conceptual framework for critically analysing and thinking about the teaching and learning environment. Examples throughout explore how to make the most of professional learning opportunities so students can take personal control of their learning, through self-regulation and self-monitoring. Strategies for making practical use of these ideas for classroom planning and preparation for learning are also included. 
Section 1: A learning perspective on teacher development
Chapter 1: Your professional learning consciousness
Chapter 2: Becoming a self-regulating, autonomous professional
Section 2: Professional learning strategies
Chapter 3 Self-monitoring teaching and learning
Chapter 4: The self-regulation of professional learning – the professional learning agenda
Chapter 5: Advancing your professional learning
Chapter 6 Refining professional learning through review and interpretation
Chapter 7: The planning process


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The professional learning agenda proforma (a downloadable template in MS Word format)

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Learning to be a Teacher - Chapter 1

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