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Political Analysis

Political Analysis
A Guide to Data and Statistics

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March 2023 | 496 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd
An intuitive and entertaining guide to the most common and contemporary statistical methods used by political scientists, civil servants, and policy researchers around the world. Political Analysis covers research designs and the statistical method, to descriptive and inferential statistics up to multiple regressions. This broad and comprehensive text is ideal for all undergraduate and postgraduate students studying political statistics or for any student using statistics in their independent research project.  

Accessible, intuitive, and entertaining, Political Analysis is an essential introduction to statistics. From news reporting on elections or unfolding political crises to everyday advertising, you are confronted with statistics. And in the working world, statistical literacy helps when putting together a policy paper, white paper, or report. An understanding of statistics immunises us from bad arguments, questionable correlations, and poor inferences whether found in news reports, social media, or used by political scientists, civil servants, and policy researchers. 

Why let other people explain the world to you? Understanding the logic and intuition behind common statistical techniques allows you to better understand the world. Statistics are tools to make predictions, find patterns, and understand politics. This text will help you understand the various types of data and questions used in statistical research. You will gain an ability to independently select the most appropriate statistical techniques and correctly interpret the results. 

Students will gain a comprehensive understanding of the logic and intuition of the most common statistical techniques found in the social sciences, a clear understanding of the applicability of statistics to various types of data and questions, and the ability to independently select the most appropriate statistical techniques and correctly interpret the results.   
The Scientific Method And Statistics
Theory And Hypotheses
Data And Variables
Research Design
Statistics And The Scientific Study Of Politics
Descriptive Statistics
Univariate Descriptive Statistics
Measures Of Association I: Nominal- And Ordinal-Level Variables
Measures Of Association II: Means Comparison And Correlation
Measures Of Association III: (Bivariate) Regression
Inferential Statistics
An Introduction To Inference
Inference For Nominal- & Ordinal-level Variables
The Central Limit Theorem
Inference For Interval-Level Variables
Multiple Regression
Multiple Regression
Extensions To Multiple Regression
Issues With Multiple Regression
Binary Logistic Regression
Categorical And Limited Dependent Variables
Current Debates
Big Alternatives
The Ethics Of Data Analysis

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