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Mum, is That a Human Being or an Animal?

Mum, is That a Human Being or an Animal?

June 2003 | 100 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd
Sometimes we learn something new

through personal experience something which up until now, has not been the subject of research.

This book provides a mother's original process of thinking through detail.

We all want an in-depth knowledge of autism and Hilde justifies her approach: by thinking through details I have always been able to explain my sons autism.

I have never heard anyone explain the world and life from the point of view of a person with autism as clearly as Hilde.

Marie Bristol, Head of American Autism Research

Autism can be explored in different ways. The person who tries to understand autism through Thinking through details will gain a better understanding of the syndrome and how to deal with it.

A Fundemental Notion: Over-Selectivity in People with Autism

Chapter 1: Thomas and Communication

Chapter 2: Thinking Through Details Emotions and Social Behaviour

Chapter 3: The 'Other' Imagination

Chapter 4: Daily Timetables and 'Thinking Through Details'

Chapter 5: Teaching Skills and Learning How to Generalise Them


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ISBN: 9781904315063