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Review of Research in Education

Review of Research in Education

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Review of Research in Education (RRE), published annually, provides a forum for analytic research reviews on selected education topics of significance to the field. Each volume addresses a topic of broad relevance to education and learning, and publishes articles that critically examine diverse literatures and bodies of knowledge across relevant disciplines and fields. RRE volumes advance the state of the knowledge, promote discussion, and shape directions for future research.


MARCH 2019
Changing Teaching Practice in P-20 Educational Settings
Volume 43

Edited by Terri D. Pigott, Ann Marie Ryan, and Charles Tocci, the purpose of this volume is to present high-quality reviews that examine change to teaching practice from a variety of perspectives and a range of disciplines with an eye toward the enormous scope of the field. Taken as a whole, this volume presents a compelling profile of the core challenges and opportunities facing those engaged in the work of changing teaching practice and those who research these efforts. Divided into four sections, the first section of this volume delves into the history and policy of changing teaching practice, the second set of chapters consider the capacity of teachers to make changes, the third set of chapters review literature examining how to change practice in numerous settings in various ways, and the final section of the volume centers on emerging issues for practice. This volume considers some of the most critical problems facing educators and scholars today: how our history shapes our present-day possibilities, how we develop the capacity of educators to change and improve practice, the innumerable aspects that can be changed, which dimensions of teaching should we prioritize, and what emerging issues will shape this work in the coming years?

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MARCH 2018
The Challenges and Possibilities of Intersectionality in Education Research
Volume 42

Edited by Adai A. Tefera, Jeanne M. Powers and Gustavo E. Fischman, the purpose of this volume is to contribute to educational research by presenting comprehensive and nuanced understandings of intersectional perspectives. Researchers working within an intersectional framework try to account for the dynamic and complex ways that race/ethnicity, class, gender, sexuality, religion, citizenship, ability, and age shape individual identities and social life. The authors argue it is essential to overcome simplistic, static, one-dimensional, and additive approaches to educational research by expanding the use of analytical categories and engaging the multiplicities of people’s circumstances within and across teaching and learning settings. This volume attempts to open a space for analysis, dialogue, and reflection among scholars about intersectionality, and the possibilities of reimagining the research tools used to address the complex demographic, social, economic, and cultural transformations shaping education. Ideally, this conversation will reach audiences outside of the academy.

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MARCH 2017
Disrupting Inequality Through Education Research
Volume 41

Edited by Mariana Souto-Manning and Maisha T. Winn, this volume of RRE will publish reviews of research that advance understanding of how inequality and social processes that disrupt it affect the lives of children and youth. Each issue of the annual Review of Research in Education (RRE) provides an overview and descriptive analysis of a selected topic of relevant research literature through critical and synthesizing essays. RRE promotes discussion and controversy about research problems in addition to pulling together and summarizing work in the field.

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MARCH 2016
Education Research: A Century of Discovery
Volume 40

Edited by Patricia Alexander (University of Maryland), Felice J. Levine (AERA), and William Tate (Washington University in St. Louis), this centennial volume of RRE takes a “retrospective, prospective” approach on a diverse range of education research topics spanning the last 100 years. While using historical trends as foundations for their chapters, the authors also look ahead to the most challenging issues and promising directions for the next century. The chapters contribute to cumulative knowledge, capture research developments and findings of sustained significance, and address research innovations anchored in their time or place, which could ultimately shape directions of scholarly promise and potential for the future. To bring conceptual cohesion to the volume, the editors nested the chapters in four thematic sections: (1) the Research Enterprise and the Doing of Education Research, (2) the Contexts of Education, (3) the Process of and Substance of Learning, (4) and the Changing Attention to Diversity and Difference.

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MARCH 2015
Teacher Assessment and the Assessment of Students With Diverse Learning Needs       
Volume 39

Edited by Jamal Abedi and Christian J. Faltis, both at University of California, Davis
Assessments play an integral role in instruction, placement, promotion and efforts to ensure that students and teachers receive the support they need for success. At the same time, serious consequences can result if assessments are not constructed and used properly. If, for any reason, the assessment report results are not dependable due to unreliable or invalid tests, this can jeopardize the very population they were intended to serve. In Review of Research in Education (Volume 39), the authors bring awareness to specific considerations necessary in the use of high-stakes assessments, shed light on the decisions made based on the results of assessments and explore the implications of using high-stakes assessments for students with diverse learning needs. As the nation moves toward the development and implementation of a new generation of assessments, attention to teacher assessment and the assessment of students with diverse learning needs is of paramount importance.

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March 2014
Language Policy, Politics, and Diversity in Education
Volume 38

Edited by Kathryn M. Borman, University of South Florida, Terrence G. Wiley, Center for Applied Linguistics, David R. Garcia, Arizona State University, and Arnold B. Danzig, San José State University
Review of Research in Education (Volume 38) explores the important role of educational language policies in promoting education as a human right. Even in English-dominant countries, such as the United States, it is important to understand the role of educational language policies (ELPs) in promoting educational access through the dominant language, and its impact on educational equity, achievement, and students’ sense of identity. This volume addresses whether language minorities have a right not only to linguistic accommodations but also to the promotion of their languages as a means for developing a positive identification with their languages and cultures. With language diversity in flux due to large-scale trends with widespread implications, this timely volume offers a solid background to inform and influence policies and programs for millions of students worldwide.

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March 2013
Extraordinary Pedagogies for Working Within School Settings Serving Nondominant Students
Volume 37

Edited by Christian Faltis and Jamal Abedi
, both at University of California, Davis
Review of Research in Education (Volume 37) explores the extraordinary pedagogies that teachers and educators have developed in recent years to address the needs of nondominant students and families served by public schools and institutions of higher learning. In this volume, extraordinary pedagogies are shown not to be about "best practices" or the most effective teaching methods for teaching to the learners' needs, but rather to bring attention to how poverty, race, social class, and language interact with local practices in teaching and learning, and in the everyday lives of families, educators, children, and youth. By examining these broader sociocultural issues, this volume challenges recent attempts to refocus attention on learning outcomes without considering these larger issues. Transforming schooling is possible - but it requires extraordinary pedagogies.

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March 2012
Education, Democracy, and the Public Good
Volume 36

Edited by Kathryn M. Borman
, University of South Florida, and Arnold B. Danzig and David R. Garcia, Arizona State University
Review of Research in Education (Volume 36) explores the varied intersections between education, democracy, and the public good. It is intended to give readers a broader perspective on how the three constructs are interconnected and applied in the United States and in other countries around the world. By examining the theme in multiple contexts and through diverse lenses, the volume provides a deeper understanding of the many ways that education and schools serve the “public good,” where the “public good” is used throughout the volume as a unifying concept to express purposes beyond individual self-interest in order to encompass those that serve greater public purposes.

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March 2011
Youth Cultures, Language, and Literacy
Review of Research in Education
Volume 35

Edited by Stanton Wortham
, University of Pennsylvania
Drawing upon international research, Review of Research in Education, Volume 35 examines the interplay between youth cultures and educational practices. Although the articles describe youth practices across a range of settings, a central theme is how gender, class, race, and national identity mediate both adult perceptions of youth and youths’ experiences of schooling. Other themes include the creativity of youth cultural practices, how globalization has affected youth cultures, and how youth cultural practices sometimes invert hegemonic ideas, including those associated with schooling. The volume also suggests how educators can more productively relate to creative, global, and counter-hegemonic youth cultures.

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Jeanne M. Powers Arizona State University, USA
Gustavo Fischman Arizona State University, USA
Margarita Pivovarova Arizona State University, USA
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