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Jean Baudrillard, Art and Artefact

Jean Baudrillard, Art and Artefact

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Cultural Theory | Social Theory

November 1997 | 208 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd
This book offers a major reappraisal of Jean Baudrillard's thoughts on the image, radical illusion and media culture.

Here for the first time, through a number of highly accessible interviews and recent essays, Baudrillard introduces what he calls the `stunning clarity' of the photographic, and fascinatingly outlines his present thoughts on urban reality, aesthetics, virtual reality and new media technologies, in the light of his practice as a photographer.

The book is illustrated with eight colour plates of Baudrillard's photographs and includes a number of provocative and illuminating responses to his recent writings from noted Baudrillard scholars. It also includes a definitive bibliography of critical responses to Baudrillard's writings on media culture, art and photography.

Nicholas Zurbrugg
`Just What Is It That Makes Baudrillard's Ideas So Different, So Appealing?'

Jean Baudrillard
Objects, Images and the Possibilities of Aesthetic Illusion
Jean Baudrillard
Aesthetic Illusion and Virtual Reality
Jean Baudrillard
The Art of Disappearance
Jean Baudrillard interviewed by Nicholas Zurbrugg
The Ecstasy of Photography
Jean Baudrillard interviewed by Rex Butler
Baudrillard's List
Rex Butler
Jean Baudrillard's Defence of the Real
Reading In the Shadow of the Silent Majorities as an Allegory of Representation

Alan Cholodenko
`Objects in Mirror are Closer Than They Appear'
The Virtual Reality of Jurassic Park and Jean Baudrillard

Graham Coulter-Smith
Between Marx and Derrida
Baudrillard, Art and Technology

Gary Genosko
Who Is the `French McLuhan'?
Paul Patton
This Is Not a War
Anne-Marie Willis
After the Afterimage of Jean Baudrillard
Photography, the Object, Ecology and Design

Nicholas Zurbrugg
Baudrillard, Barthes, Burroughs and `Absolute' Photography
Richard G Smith
Following Baudrillard
A Bibliobraphy of Writings on Jean Baudrillard


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