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Encyclopedia of Education Economics and Finance

Encyclopedia of Education Economics and Finance

Two Volume Set
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November 2014 | 984 pages | SAGE Publications, Inc

Economics can be a lens for understanding the behaviour of schools, districts, states, and nations in meeting education needs of their populaces, as well as for understanding the individual decisions made by administrators, teachers, and students.

Insights from economics help decision makers at the state level understand how to raise and distribute funds for public schools in an equitable manner for both schools and taxpayers. Economics also can assist researchers in analyzing effects of school spending and teacher compensation on student outcomes. And economics can provide important insights into public debates on issues such as whether to offer vouchers for subsidizing student attendance at private schools.

This two-volume Encyclopedia contains over 300 entries by experts in the field that cover these issues and more.

"Although this comprehensive reference work contains articles on topics of both economics and finance, the subject matter, as captured by the title, is decidedly focused on issues of economics and finance of education and educators. This unique focus will interest educators and educational researchers, since even standard-fare topics, such as Cost-benefit analysis and Spillover effects, are focus on the economics and finance of education. ...The specialized focus of this set makes it an attractive addition to any social-science, education, or specialized research library."

Robert Robinson

"...The coverage of such issues as budgeting, vouchers, and teacher labor is matched by almost no other source, and its interdisciplinary approach also makes this work unique. The set is a strong addition to collections serving undergraduate and graduate programs in education and business, Teachers, school administrators, members of school boards, and citizens seeking to understand school finance issues would also find the set valuable. Summing Up: Highly recommended. All academic audiences; general readers and professionals/practitioners."

R. L. Wadham
Brighman Young University

"...A brief entry list is enough to indicate the scope of this encyclopedia in which users can find information on the Common Core, the benefits of higher education, Brown v. Board of Education, early childhood education, education technology, for-profit higher education, general obligation bonds, property taxes, private contributions to schools, professional development, and much more. Public and academic libraries will want to own a copy of this well-researched, inclusive, and highly recommended title."

ARBA Staff Reviewer
American Reference Books Annual
American Reference Books Annual

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ISBN: 9781452281858

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