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Cancer and Cancer Care

Cancer and Cancer Care

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‘This book creates new ground for all health professionals working in cancer care to read, enjoy, look at and question their practice.’ Caroline Adcock, Clinical Practice Educator – Haematology and Oncology, Royal Shrewsbury Hospital 

Cancer and Cancer Care is a complete study of cancer, the care of people with the disease and its impact on everyday life. Addressing the physical and psychosocial aspects of the illness in detail, it covers all fundamental aspects of cancer diagnosis, treatment, survival and aspects of psychosocial support for all those affected by cancer: patients, their families, and their healthcare providers. 

Chapters include:

-         A review of the latest theory and evidence on over 30 separate topic areas

-         Reflective questions which challenge readers to reappraise what they have learned

-         Chapter overviews and chapter summaries which highlight the key points

The book is essential reading for all those on cancer care courses at undergraduate and postgraduate level. It will be valuable reading for nurses, oncologists, psychologists, social workers and all healthcare practitioners and researchers working with people affected by cancer.

Debbie Wyatt and Nicholas Hulbert-Williams
Debbie Wyatt, Brooke Swash and Nicholas Hulbert-Williams
Cancer in Context
Christine Campbell
Cancer Risk and Screening
Daniel Seddon and Paul McKenzie
Cancer Detection and Diagnosis
Debbie Wyatt and Victoria Bates
The Biology of Cancer
Paul Mansour
Tumour Pathology: Classification, Grading and Staging
Ruth Sadik and David Wright
Lifespan Perspectives: Children, Teenagers and Young Adults
Hazel Brodie
Lifespan Perspectives: Older Adults
Mark Johnson and Julie Fish
Diversity and Equality in Cancer Care
Maureen Deacon and Elise Hymanson
Cancer and Mental Illness
Irene Tuffrey-Wijne
Cancer and Intellectual Disability
George Foster, Tina Lightfoot and Dale Vimalchandran
Elaine Lennan
Cytotoxic Chemotherapy
Kate Parker, Ann Maloney and Debbie Wyatt
Colin Thain and Jacqueline Bloomfield
Haematopoietic Stem Cell Transplantation
Anoop Haridass and Helen Neville-Webbe
Biological Therapy
Fiona Gibbs
Gene Therapy
Catherine Heaven and Claire Green
Effective Communication in Cancer Care
Nick Hulbert-Williams and Gill Hubbard
Psychosocial Adjustment to Cancer
Alex J Mitchell
Assessment of Psychological Wellbeing and Emotional Distress
Eila Watson and Mary Boulton
The Impact of Cancer on Family Members and Family Caregivers
Daniel Kelly and Liz Forbat
The Impact of Cancer on Body Image and Sexuality
Alex King, Nicholas Hulbert-Williams and Samantha Flynn
Psychological Care and Support for People Affected by Cancer
Claire Foster
Survivorship and Self-Management in Cancer Care
Lee Hulbert-Williams
Lifestyle Change and Health Promotion in Cancer Survivorship
Lesley Storey
The Use of Complementary and Alternative Therapies in Cancer Care
Fay Mitchell and Leslie Bunt
Art and Music Therapy in Cancer Care
Mark Cobb
Spirituality and Existential Angst
Alison Conner and Kathryn Mannix
Adjusting to the Palliative Phase and Preparing for End of Life
Margaret Foulkes
Bereavement Support in Cancer Care
Jan Woodhouse
Supporting Healthcare Professionals in Cancer Settings
Gill Hubbard, Bill Culbard, Peter McAlear and Liz Forbat
Involving and Engaging People Affected by Cancer
Pat Gillis and Emma Whitby
Clinical Drug Trials in Cancer Care
Fiona Kennedy and Nicholas Hulbert-Williams
Psychosocial Research in Cancer Care

This book provides an overview of all key aspects of the course content. The content is appropriate for the level of study (HEI Level 6).

Dr Verna Lavender
Health , Oxford Brookes University
July 7, 2015

The book includes a chapter on chemotherapy and a chapter on biological therapy that provide helpful introductions to these types of cancer treatment. The psychosocial focus of many of the chapters is also helpful providing an overview of caring for people with cancer. The chapter on cancer biology is helpful and appropriate for the level of study (HEI Level 6) for registered nurses. Reference to Hanahan and Weinberg's updated model of the hallmarks of cancer is also helpful. Students studying cancer biology as part of a cancer nursing, cancer care or oncology course at a higher academic level would wish to refer to more advanced text that would include additional information about topics such as epigenetics, pharmacokinetics and cancer genomics in relation to systemic anti-cancer treatments that are not covered in this text.

Dr Verna Lavender
Health , Oxford Brookes University
July 7, 2015

Sample Materials & Chapters

Chapter 2: Cancer Risk and Screening

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