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Deryl F. Bailey The University of Georgia, Department of Counselor Education

Deryl F. Bailey (Ph.D., University of Virginia) is an Associate Professor at the University of Georgia. He earned B.S. and Master’s degrees from Campbell University, and his Education Specialist and Ph.D. degrees from the University of Virginia. He believes strongly in the power of education and is committed to advocating for equitable opportunities to promote positive and successful educational experiences for all young people. He is an accomplished professional and published scholar in the areas of school counseling, multicultural counseling, and adolescent development with a special emphasis on African American adolescent male development. He uses humor and sincerity in his teaching and professional development trainings for counselors, teachers, administrators, and parents, in the areas of exploring assumptions, welcoming diversity in the workplace, and leadership for diversity. His specialty in multicultural education includes Secondary School counseling, group work, mentoring African American adolescents, engaging parents, and the development and implementation of enrichment and empowerment interventions for adolescents. During his career, he has consulted with school districts, churches, businesses, colleges and universities, as well as, presented at state, national, and international conferences on a variety of topics and has received numerous local, state, national, and international awards for his work with children and adolescents. He has served as a member on the local school district’s diversity task force, the University of Georgia’s Board of Regents African American Male Initiative, and the National School Counselors Advisory Team for the College Board. Dr. Bailey has also served as a consultant for the Education Trust and the College Board and as the Membership chair and Executive Board Member for the International Association for Counseling. From 2011 to 2012 he served as the President for the Association of Counselor Education and Supervision (ACES). In the Fall of 2012, he was selected and served as the William Allen Boeing Endowed Chair and Distinguished Professor of Education at Seattle University. He is co-author of Project Gentlemen on the Move: A Model for Developing and Nurturing Academic and Social Excellence in African American Male Youth. He is the founder and director of the award winning enrichment program entitled Empowered Youth Programs (EYP) whose mission is to develop and nurture academic and social excellence in children and adolescents, with a special emphasis on children and adolescents of color. Over the past 25 years he and his wife, Dr. Mary E. Bradbury-Bailey, have dedicated their careers to working with children and adolescents through Empowered Youth Programs.