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Increasing Multicultural Understanding

Increasing Multicultural Understanding

Third Edition

November 2013 | 352 pages | SAGE Publications, Inc
In the third edition of Increasing Multicultural Understanding, Don C. Locke and Daryl F. Bailey provide current tools necessary to foster positive and productive relationships among culturally diverse populations. The book will encourage readers to explore their own cultural background and identity, and in the process, begin to better understand others.

A best-seller in the first and second editions, Increasing Multicultural Understanding, Third Edition will continue to present its classic framework for critical observation with at least 10 elements, including the history of oppression, religious practices, family structure, degree of acculturation, poverty, language and the arts, racism and prejudice, sociopolitical factors, child-rearing practices, and values and attitudes.

Increasing Multicultural Understanding provides both undergraduates and graduate students in multicultural education or counselling with invaluable skills. It also successfully crosses disciplines to a variety of other fields in which the demand to understand cultural membership is growing, and works well for courses that cover specific information on a number of cultural groups.

Chapter 1: A Model of Multicultural Understanding
Chapter 2: Native American Indians
Chapter 3: Mexican Americans
Chapter 4: Puerto Rican Americans
Chapter 5: African Americans
Chapter 6: Chinese Americans
Chapter 7: Japanese Americans
Chapter 8: Korean Americans
Chapter 9: Vietnamese in the United States
Chapter 10: Jewishness in America
Chapter 11: Muslims in the United States
Chapter 12: Social Justice in Education and Counseling
Author Bios

Provides a greater understanding of how to effectively work with families and groups who are often marginalized in our society.

Dr Kimmery Newsom
Sch Of Family Stds Human Svcs, Kansas State University
December 31, 2014

Best fit our vision for the course.

Ms Sharon Gilbert
HSSBT, Patrick Henry Cmty College
April 1, 2014

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Chapter 5

Chapter 12

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