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A Practical Introduction to Survey Design

A Practical Introduction to Survey Design
A Beginner's Guide

  • Haydn Aarons - Australian Catholic University in Melbourne, Australia
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December 2020 | 360 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd
Through templates and real-world examples, this step-by-step guide clearly illustrates what good and bad data look like in order to give students the confidence in how to assess and critique data quality, while showing them how to build an effective survey around their research questions.

Survey research is also contextualised within the wider research process and broader research challenges. Similarly, through analysis of extant surveys and survey data from global contexts, common errors help highlight how to use secondary data well.

With a pragmatic approach that helps students learn what they need to with limited time, this book:

• Highlights good sampling techniques and provides templates for contacting potential participants in order to secure an appropriate sample population.

• Contains plenty of visual and engaging pedagogy, such as SPSS screenshots, chapter aims, case studies and exercises.

• Includes an online resources page with videos, templates, case studies, SRM content, and end of chapter reflective questions.
Chapter 1 Surveys: data, uses, and contexts
Chapter 2 Types of Surveys: Components and Limitations
Chapter 3 Survey design and the research process
Chapter 4 Concepts: what’s the big idea?
Chapter 5 Dimensions, sub-dimensions, and indicators
Chapter 6 Constructing survey questions
Chapter 7 Conceptual models: mapping concepts and preparing for analysis
Chapter 8 Survey administration
Chapter 9 Survey design and data analysis: from questions to data and from plan to action
Chapter 10 Pulling it all together: a survey design and survey research example


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The text is accompanied by a host of useful online resources, including templates and reflective questions to help strengthen your understanding and apply your knowledge.

This book provides a comprehensive exploration of survey research, together with detailed and highly accessible guidance

Daniel Eyers
Cardiff Business School

Too specific for the new module content

Dr Seren Roberts
School of Healthcare Sciences, Bangor University
November 20, 2020

A useful guide to designing research project surveys

Mr charlie whewell
Sport & the Public Services Department, Bedford College
November 18, 2020