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School-based Research

School-based Research
A Guide for Education Students

Third Edition
Edited by:
Additional resources:

April 2017 | 416 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd

Focused on the needs of the new classroom researcher, and those studying education on Masters-level courses, this is a thorough and thoughtful guide to the research process, covering qualitative, quantitative and mixed research methods. It guides you through research design, data collection and analysis and how to write up your research findings.

This third edition has been updated to provide further coverage on the best ways to approach, construct and carry out educational research within the classroom including:

  • a new chapter on disseminating research knowledge
  • expanded coverage of formulating research questions
  • a reworked chapter structure better reflecting the research process

This is essential reading for students on education degree programmes including a research methods component, including education studies, undergraduate (BEd, BA with QTS) and postgraduate (PGCE, School Direct, Teach First, SCITT) initial teacher education courses, MEd and professional development courses.

Online resources expanding on and complementing the contents of the book can be found at:

SECTION 1: Using existing research to understand and plan school-based research
Elaine Wilson
Ch1: Becoming a reflexive teacher
Elaine Wilson
Ch2: Refining the focus for research and formulating a research question
Elaine Wilson
Ch3: Reviewing the literature and writing a literature review
SECTION 2: Planning school-based research
Elaine Wilson
Ch4: Planning research
Kris Stutchbury
Ch5: Ethics in educational research
Elaine Wilson
Ch6: What is educational action research?
Elaine Wilson
Ch7: How to do action research
Helen Demetriou
Ch8: The case study
Keith S. Taber
Ch9: Building theory from data: grounded theory
Paul Warwick & Roland Chaplain
Ch10: Research with younger children: Issues and approaches
SECTION 3: Data collection
Elaine Wilson
Ch11: Data collection
Michael Evans
Ch12: Reliability and validity in qualitative research by teacher researchers
Mark Winterbottom
Ch13: Taking a quantitative approach
Elaine Wilson
Ch14: Handling and analysing data
SECTION 4: Data analysis and presentation
Michael Evans
Ch15: Analysing qualitative data
Ros McLellan
Ch16: Analysing quantitative data
Elaine Wilson
Ch17: Writing about your research
Elaine Wilson
Ch18: Disseminating research knowledge
SECTION 5: Paradigms
Keith S. Taber
Ch19: Beyond positivism: ‘scientific’ research into education
Christine Counsell
Ch20: Interpretivism: meeting our selves in research

I would thoroughly recommend this latest edition of an already comprehensive guide.  The breadth and depth of coverage are impressive and make this book invaluable reading for any education student planning to complete their research project within a school setting.  Of particular merit are the very accessible chapters on research paradigms, and the insightful new chapter on disseminating research, blogs and social media.

Noel Purdy
Stranmillis University College

Great book for students, but our student will still have challenges in reading academic English. We are working on this issue, and I expect us to be using parts of the book in a longer run. I will try using the introductory chapter 1 with my students this year, allthough I expect it to be rather difficult for them.
But the book is very relevant and well written for students at our University College.

Professor Bettina Buch
Center for Teaching and Learning, University College Absalon
August 18, 2019

This book is very good but turned out to be too complicated for my students. I will therefor add it to the reading list as an option for the most interested students.

Professor Bettina Buch
Center for Teaching and Learning, University College Absalon
October 7, 2019

A good addition to the suggested reading list for research studies on the foundation degree; preparing students for research projects, enabling them to deliberate the research process.

Miss Tracey Canham
Health Care and Early Years, Swindon College
October 23, 2017

This is an excellent text. It offers a good entry point into the challenge of designing and doing small-scale, school-based research projects with our Professional Master in Education (PME) programme, is reasonably priced, and has a user-friendly layout that makes navigating the materials both easy and productive.

Dr Conor Galvin
School of Education, University College Dublin
October 23, 2017

This book is a really helpful addition to your reading when you are preparing to research practice. The layout is easy to navigate and the activities are well set to make you think about the processes involved in research.

Mrs Dawn Burnham
Early Years, Farnborough College of Technology
June 16, 2017