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Digital Products

SAGE provides researchers with a wealth of content on innovative, user-friendly online platforms. Find books and reference with ease on SAGE Knowledge, or compare complex data series with a few easy clicks on Data Planet. SAGE Research Methods equips researchers of all levels with the tools they need to conduct and disseminate original research, while SAGE Video shows users research in action in curriculum-oriented streaming video. CQ Press Library keeps you up to date—and well versed in history—on all aspects of the American government. SAGE Business Cases consists of more than 3,000 cases designed to engage students in applying core concepts to practice using examples from the global business environment.

SAGE's high-impact journals are available electronically on SAGE Journals, hosted on Atypon’s Literatum platform. Publication on SAGE Journals means articles will benefit from being highly accessible and discoverable through open search engines and library search tools. Content also benefits from a dynamic reading experience, with a clear, uncluttered and intuitive design, as well as a seamless multi-device experience with responsive design. With its multitude of user features designed to maximize the author’s and reader’s experience and high-profile journal branding to enhance visibility, articles are in the best possible position to be widely read and cited, reaching the widest possible audience and achieving the maximum possible impact. Learn more about the features and tools of SAGE Journals.