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Global Shift

Global Shift
Mapping the Changing Contours of the World Economy

Seventh Edition

© 2015 | 648 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd

Global Shift is - quite simply - the definitive work on economic globalization. The extensive use of graphics, lack of jargon, and clear definition of terms has made it the standard work for the social sciences.

The Seventh Edition has been completely updated using the latest available sources. It maps the changing centres of gravity of the global economy and explains the global financial crisis. Each chapter has been extensively rewritten and new material introduced to explain the most recent empirical developments; ideas on production, distribution, consumption; and corporate governance. Global Shift provides:

  • The most comprehensive and up-to-date explanation of economic globalization available, examining the role of transnational corporations, states, labour, consumers, organizations in civil society, and the power relations between them.
  • A clear guide to how the global economy is being transformed through the operation of global production networks involving transnational corporations, states, interest groups and technology.
  • Extended discussion of problems and institutions of global governance in the context of the global economic crisis and of the role of corporate social responsibility.
  • A suite of extensive online ancillaries for both students and lecturers, including author videos, case studies, lecture notes, and free access to specially selected journal articles related to each chapter. 

There is only one definitive guide to economic globalization for the social sciences: and that's Peter Dicken's Global Shift.

What in the World Is Going On?
Part I: The Changing Contours of the Global Economy
The Centre of Gravity Shifts: Transforming the Geographies of the Global Economy
Part II: Processes of Global Shift
Tangled Webs: Unravelling Complexity in the Global Economy
Technological Change: ‘Gales of Creative Destruction’
Transnational Corporations: The Primary Movers and Shapers of the Global Economy
The State Really Does Matter
Part III: Winning and Losing in the Global Economy
The Uneasy Relationship between TNCs and States: Dynamics of Conflict and Collaboration
'Capturing Value' within Global Production Networks
'Destroying Value'? Environmental Impacts of Global Production Networks
Winning and Losing: Where You Live Really Matters
Making the World a Better Place
Part IV: The Picture in Different Sectors
'Making Holes in the Ground': The Extractive Industries
'We Are What We Eat': The Agro-Food Industries
'Fabric-ating Fashion': The Clothing Industries
'Wheels of Change': The Automobile Industry
'Making the World Go Round': Advanced Business Services
'Making the Connections, Moving the Goods': Logistics and Distribution Services


Dicken Video - Introduction
Watch Peter Dicken introduce the 7th edition of Global Shift

Excellent resource with useful online materials for both staff and student ... the topics are relevant and current to today's businss environment and we have been able to use this resource to support teaching on campus as well as online.

Ms Karen Leong Trimarchi
School of Business, Hertfordshire University
November 8, 2016

Excellent overview, well-structured, inclusive, up-to-date, and readable. Nothing else like it for a multi-discipline approach to globalization

Dr Michael Fichter
Political Science , Hochschule fuer Wirtschaft und Recht
September 26, 2016

This is excellent in explaining economic and technological change for the non-technical reader

Dr Douglas Chalmers
Cultural Business, Glasgow Caledonian University
March 23, 2016

Frames in a superb way the contemporary global developments.

Mr Sebastian Fuchs
Business Administration , University of Geneva
January 19, 2016

Comprehensive and accessible

Ms Stella Harcourt
Further and Higher Education, South Essex College
October 29, 2015

This book is a highly recommended reading for understanding important socio-economic changes in the contemporary world.

Yaojun Li
Sociology , Manchester University
October 29, 2015

A very important book for anyone interested on international business.

Dr Jose A Bento da Silva
Warwick Business School, Warwick University
October 29, 2015

This is an excellent introduction to global processes for undergraduate geography students. This will provide a foundation of knowledge for any economic development module.

Dr Jennifer Ferreira
Coventry Business School, Coventry University
August 25, 2015

This book is indeed extremely comprehensive and gives an authoritative overview of what is happening where and when and why in the global economy.
The source material is authentic and reliable and up-to-date - so much so that regular new editions will probably be essential.
But this can be easily offset by the many links to online material which makes the overall content much more beneficial and accessible. I would expect most readers to use the online resources as their main sources of information, so the book may well be a pointer to the information rather than the source of it. Not a problem at all as this is the way the information society is going.
There is a good focus on major issues such as unemployment, inequality and development - and global governance.
It will be interesting to see how the downturn in China and the migration problems between Africa and Europe, and through France to the UK, are brought into the discourse.
This is a truly excellent reference source but I feel one or two of these books in the library would be the most likely usage for students who could then refer to it in order to find the underpinning online material.
It is rather too specialist for the B201 students who I teach so I am not recommending it to them.
I think the book would be more useful for students studying globalisation as the major strand of their undergraduate or postgraduate studies in a business studies or management studies or economics context, and maybe even more so for globalisation practitioners.

Mr Robert Hill
Open University Business School, The Open University
June 19, 2015

I have adopted this book. I have used the 6th edition before and next semester I will use this instead. I like that is more , it is up to date.

Mrs Kristina Trygg
Linkoping University, Linkoping University
June 8, 2015

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