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Collective Remembering

Collective Remembering

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February 1990 | 240 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd
Profoundly challenging the traditional view of memory as the product and property of individual minds, Collective Remembering is concerned with remembering and forgetting as socially constituted activities. The starting point is a conceptualization of remembering and forgetting as forms of social action. Individual memories cannot be understood as `internal mental processes' which occur independently of the interpretive and communicative practices which characterize a particular society or culture. Individuals `read', account for and negotiate their memories within the pragmatics of social life. Contributions also explore the collective processes through which communities' social memories are created, sustained and transformed - in families, other groups and cultures, organizations.
Michael Cole
David Middleton and Derek Edwards
David Middleton and Derek Edwards
Conversational Remembering
A Social Psychological Approach

Alan Radley
Artefacts, Memory and a Sense of the Past
Michael Billig
Collective Memory, Ideology and the British Royal Family
Barry Schwartz
The Reconstruction of Abraham Lincoln
Michael Schudson
Ronald Reagan Misremembered
John Shotter
The Social Construction of Remembering and Forgetting
Yrj[um]o Engestr[um]om, Katherine Brown, Ritva Engestr[um]om and Kirsi Koistinen
Organizational Forgetting
An Activity-Theoretical Perspective

Julian E Orr
Sharing Knowledge, Celebrating Identity
Community Memory in a Service Culture

Carol A Padden
Folk Explanation in Language Survival
David Bakhurst
Social Memory in Soviet Thought

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