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An Introduction to Intercultural Communication

An Introduction to Intercultural Communication
Identities in a Global Community

Ninth Edition (International Student Edition)

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Intercultural Communication

November 2017 | 504 pages | SAGE Publications, Inc

This Ninth Edition prepares today's students to successfully navigate our increasingly global community. Fred E Jandt introduces essential communication skills and concepts that will enable them to interact successfully with different cultures and ethnic groups. Jandt provides unique insights into intercultural communication – at home and abroad – through an emphasis on history, culture and popular media.

Throughout the text, Jandt reinforces the important roles that stories, personal experiences and self-reflection play in building our intercultural understanding and competence. This new edition includes an updated map programme that provides students with additional context for discussion of cultures and regions across the globe.

About the Author
Part I: Culture as Context for Communication
Chapter 1. Defining Culture and Communication
Chapter 2. Barriers to Intercultural Communication
Part II: Communication Variables
Chapter 3. Context, Perception, and Competence
Chapter 4. Nonverbal Communication
Chapter 5. Language as a Barrier
Part III: Cultural Values
Chapter 6. Dimensions of Nation-State Cultures
Chapter 7. Dominant U.S. Cultural Patterns Using Value Orientation Theory
Chapter 8. Religion and Identity
Chapter 9. Culture and Gender
Part IV: Cultures Within Cultures
Chapter 10. Immigration and Acculturation
Chapter 11. Cultures Within Cultures
Chapter 12. Identity and Subgroups
Part V: Applications
Chapter 13. Contact Between Cultures
Chapter 14. Future Challenges

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ISBN: 9781506390727