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Advances in Applied Ceramics

Advances in Applied Ceramics

Structural, Functional and Bioceramics
Published in Association with Institute of Materials, Minerals and Mining

eISSN: 17436761 | ISSN: 17436753

Publishes research on functional ceramics, engineering ceramics and bioceramics, including properties of ceramics and novel materials through innovative processing

Advances in Applied Ceramics: Structural, Functional and Bioceramics provides international coverage of high-quality research on functional ceramics, engineering ceramics and bioceramics. The journal aims to enhance fundamental understanding and applied knowledge of the relationship between processing, microstructure and properties of ceramics and ceramic composites. The journal has a particular interest in the development of novel materials and the tailoring, through innovative processing, of structure across a range of scales to meet the requirements of specific applications.

To support recent developments, the journal is expanding coverage in key areas of ceramics, including:
•Ceramics for extreme environments
•Lead-free ferroelectrics
•Energy storage materials
•Energy saving and recycled materials
•Energy harvesting
•Oxide thermoelectrics
•Carbon nanotube and graphene composites
•Biomedical and dental
•Advanced Processing of Ceramics
•Additive Manufacturing of Ceramics
•Sensors and actuators
•Transparent Ceramics
•Nanostructured Ceramics and size effects
•Novel cement materials
•Ceramics Joining
•High entropy materials

To capture rapid developments in emerging areas the journal also encourages focused short reviews. Original and innovative research in any field of applied ceramics will always be welcome.

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