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The SAGE Handbook of Propaganda

The SAGE Handbook of Propaganda

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December 2019 | 650 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd
Paul Baines, Nicholas O'Shaughnessy, & Nancy Snow
Part 01: Concepts, Precepts and Techniques in Propaganda Research
Neville Bolt
Chapter 1: Propaganda of the Deed and its Anarchist Origins
Emily Robertson
Chapter 2: Atrocity Propaganda in Australia and Great Britain during the First World War
Thomas Colley
Chapter 3: Strategic Narratives and War Propaganda
Nicholas J. O'Shaughnessy
Chapter 4: From Disinformation to Fake News: Forwards into the Past
Ignas Kalpokas
Chapter 5: Post-Truth and the Changing Information Environment
Alicia Wanless & Michael Berk
Chapter 6: The Audience is the Amplifier: Participatory Propaganda
Aaron Delwiche
Chapter 7: Computational Propaganda and the Rise of the Fake Audience
Hyunjin Seo
Chapter 8: Visual Propaganda and Social Media
Jordi Xifra
Chapter 9: Public Relations and Corporate Propaganda
Part 02: Methodological Approaches in Propaganda Research
Chris Miles
Chapter 10: Rhetorical Methods and Metaphor in Viral Propaganda
Darren Lilleker & Pawel Surowiec
Chapter 11: Content Analysis and the Examination of Digital Propaganda on Social Media
Sergei A. Samoilenko & Margarita Karnysheva
Chapter 12: Character Assassination as Modus Operandi of Soviet Propaganda
Efe Sevin, Kadir Ayhan, Won Yong Jang, & Hyelim Lee
Chapter 13: Assessing Propaganda Effectiveness in North Korea: A Limited Access Case Study
Paul Baines & Nicholas O'Shaughnessy
Chapter 14: Towards the Measurement of Islamist Propaganda Effectiveness: A Marketing Perspective
Part 03: Tools and Techniques in Counter-Propaganda Research
Gill Bennett
Chapter 15: Propaganda and Disinformation: How an historical Perspective Aids Critical Response Development
Ewan Lawson
Chapter 16: Atrocities, Investigations and Propaganda - Lessons from World War I
Ron Schleifer
Chapter 17: Countering Hamas and Hezbollah Propaganda
Christopher Paul & Miriam Matthews
Chapter 18: Defending Against Russian Propaganda
Maria Haigh & Thomas Haigh
Chapter 19: Fighting and Framing Fake News
Alberto M. Fernandez
Chapter 20: Measuring the Unmeasurable: Evaluating the Effectiveness of US Strategic Counterterrorism Communications
Paul Baines & Nigel Jones
Chapter 21: Countering the Fear in Propaganda
Dianne Dean & Haseeb Shabbir
Chapter 22: Peace Marketing as Counter Propaganda? Towards a Methodology
Part 04: Propaganda in Context
Alan Chong
Chapter 23: Propaganda and Information Operations in Southeast Asia: Constructing Colonialism and its Antithesis, Statehood and Peaceful Ambiguity
Chung-Min Tsai
Chapter 24: The Construction of the Chinese Dream
Nancy Snow
Chapter 25: Darkness and Light: Media, Propaganda, and Politics in Japan
Greg Simons
Chapter 26: Syria: Propaganda as a Tool in the Arsenal of Information Warfare
Zinovia Lialiouti
Chapter 27: Cold War Propaganda in Civil War Greece, 1946-1949: From State of Emergency to Normalization
Daniel Aguirre & Caroline Ávila
Chapter 28: Propaganda and Populist Communication in Bolivia, Ecuador and Venezuela
Tina Burrett
Chapter 29: Evaluating Putin's Propaganda Performance 2000-2018: Stagecraft as Statecraft
Mira Sotirovic
Chapter 30: Trumpaganda: The War on Facts, Press and Democracy
Emma L. Briant
Chapter 31: LeaveEU: Dark Money, Dark Ads and Data Crimes
Louisa Tarras-Wahlberg
Chapter 32: ISIS Female Recruits: The Alluring Propaganda Promises
Charlie Winter & Craig Whiteside
Chapter 33: IS's Strategic Communication Tactics
Gabriel Weimann
Chapter 34: The Evolution of Terrorist Propaganda in Cyberspace

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