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A comprehensive major work on the topic of propaganda studies is required now more than ever. Not least because in the age of the 'War on Terror', we've witnessed terrorist bombings - suicide and otherwise - all over the world, which are often later accompanied by, and frequently preceded by, the use of propaganda to enhance the feeling of terror amongst the target population. Furthermore, propaganda is particularly important to study in this day and age because - despite its use over millennia - it is still poorly defined and understood. This timely four-volume set brings much needed clarity and context to the subject, leading the reader through its historic origins, its military uses, and the modern means by which it is manifested. Specifically - through a carefully selected collection of seminal and influential articles - the editors seek to demystify the topic of propaganda and explain how it works on the human psyche.

Framed by an introduction written by two of the field's leading voices, this set is organised to provide the reader with a solid and detailed grounding in all aspects of the subject, past and present:

Volume One: Historical Origins, Definitions and the Changing Nature of Propaganda

Volume Two: The Psychological and Sociological Underpinnings of Propaganda

Volume Three: Propaganda in Military and Terrorism Contexts

Volume Four: Advances and Contemporary Issues in Propaganda Studies

Selling Hitler: Propaganda And The Nazi Brand Nicholas O'Shaughnessy
A Typology Of International Political Communication: Factual Statements, Propaganda And Noise David Drescher
Goebbels' Principles Of Propaganda Leonard Doob
Psychological Propaganda: The War Of Ideas On Ideas During The First Half Of The Twentieth Century Lyneyve Finch
Propaganda And Communication: The Re-Emergence Of A Research Tradition Garth Jowett
The Theory Of Political Propaganda Harold Lasswell
Whatever Happened To Propaganda Analysis? Alfred Mcclung Lee and Elizabeth Lee
The Effectiveness Of Soviet Anti-Religious Propaganda David Powell
Smith Propaganda Analysis And The Science Of Democracy Bruce Lannes
Covert British Propaganda: The Information Research Department: 1947-771 Lyn Smith
Speech To The 1934 Nuremburg Party Rally Joseph Goebbels
Techniques Of Persuasion: Basic Ground Rules Of British Propaganda During The Second World War Philip Taylor
"Munitions Of The Mind": A Brief History Of Military Psychological Operations Philip Taylor
War Propaganda Adolf Hitler
Coughlin And Propaganda Analysis Elizabeth Lee
Towards A Science Of Propaganda Brett Silverstein
Sir Hedley Le Bas And The Origins Of Domestic Propaganda In Britain 1914-1917 Nicholas Hiley
The State And Propaganda Z.A.B Zeman
The Strategy Of Soviet Propaganda Harold Lasswell
Soviet International Propaganda: Its Role, Effectiveness, And Future Zygmunt Nagorski
Advertising The Great War Robert Jackall and Janice Hirota
Propaganda Analysis: The Search For An Appropriate Model Suzanne Schick
Manipulating Public Opinion: The Why And The How Edward Bernays
The Historical Development Of Public Opinion Hans Speier
Fighting Words: What We Can Learn from Hitler 's Hyperbole, Symbolic Interaction Michael Blain
Fear, guilt and shame appeals in social marketing Linda Brennan and Wayne Binney
The Evasion of Propaganda: How Prejudiced People Respond to Anti-prejudice Propaganda Eunice Cooper and Marie Jahoda
Some Trends in International Propaganda W. Phillips Davison
The role of fear in persuasion James Price Dillard and Jason Anderson
The Relationship Between Coping And Avoiding Behavior And Response To Fear-Arousing Propaganda Michael Goldstein
Resistance to "Counterpropaganda" Produced by One-Sided and Two-Sided "Propaganda" Presentations Arthur Lumsdaine and Irving Janis
Distraction Can Enhance or Reduce Yielding to Propaganda: Thought Disruption versus Effort Justification Richard Petty, Gary Wells and Timothy Brock
From Production to Propaganda? Philip Schlesinger
'Beware the Semantic trap': Language and Propaganda Phillip Boardman
The political use of victims: The shaping of the Challenger disaster Jack Lule
Progressive propaganda critics and the magic bullet myth J. Michael Sproule
Sefton Delmer creates a radically new concept Stanley Newcourt-Nowodworski
The sentiments and morality of crowds Gustave Le Bon
Remember the Llandovery Castle: Cases of atrocity propaganda in the First World War G. Williams
Striking a responsive chord: How political ads motivate and persuade voters by appealing to emotions Ted Brader
Attitudes and attitude change Shelly Chaiken and Charles Stangor
Behavioural Conflict Andrew McKay and Steve Tatham
The marketing of national policies: a study of war propaganda Edward Bernays
Information Operations, Public Diplomacy and Spin: The United States and the Politics of Perception Management Richard Brown
The Propaganda of the Deed: Terrorism, Counterterrorism, and Mobilization Ethan Bueno de Mesquita and Eric Dickson
The Taliban's propaganda activities: how well is the Afghan insurgency communicating and what is it saying? Tim Foxley
"Waist-deep in the Big Muddy": Rhetorical Dimensions of the Tet Offensive J.Justin Gustainis
The intelligence services' struggle against al-Qaeda propaganda Javier Jordan, Mauel Torres and Nicola Horsburgh
Propaganda and the Gulf War Garth Jowett
The selling of terror: the symbolisations and positioning of Jihad Nicholas O'Shaughnessy and Paul Baines
Waging public relations: a cornerstone of fourth generation warfare R.P. Reid
Psychological Operations: A New Variation on an Age Old Art: Hezbollah versus Israel Ron Schleifer
Creating intelligence: information operations in Iraq Glen Segell
Psychological Operations in the 1990s: a research note P.M. Taylor
Perception Management and the "war" against international terrorism Phillip Taylor
Terrorism as persuasion: Possibilities and trends James McClennon
Propaganda and United States foreign policy: The case of Panama George Klay Kieh Jr.
Public relations and propaganda in framing the Iraq war: A preliminary review Ray Eldon Hiebert
When the British 'Tommy' went to war, public opinion followed Paul Baines and Robert Worcester
Rhetoric in the Nazi mind: Hitler's theory of persuasion J.G. Delia
The death and life of propaganda Nicholas O'Shaughnessy
Evaluating the effect of the fear appeal in advertising: implications for information operations campaigns Paul Baines
Me and My Attitude: Film Propaganda and Cynicism towards Corporate Leadership Thomas Bateman, Tomoaki Sakano and Makoto Fujita
The Religious Right's Battle Plan in the Civil War of Values J. Detweiler
Appendix 1: The Effectiveness of Propaganda Jacques Ellul
Advertising as Public Diplomacy: Attitude Change Among International Audiences Alice Kendrick and Jami Fullerton
Wasting The Propaganda Dollar John Spicer Nichols
Social Propaganda and Social Marketing: a Critical Difference? Nicholas O'Shaughnessy
Cyberspace - A New Medium for Communication, Command, and Control by Extremists Michael Whine
The Rise and Fall of Spin: Changes of Fashion in the Presentation of UK Politics Kevin Moloney
The symbolic state: A British experience Nicholas O'Shaughnessy
When can politicians scare citizens into supporting bad policies? Arthur Lupia and Jesse Menning
Two leaders, Two wars: A psychological analysis of fear and anger content in political rhetoric about terrorism Krista De Castella and Craig McGarty
Threat, anxiety, and support of antiterrorism policies Leonie Huddy et al
The politics of threat: How terrorism news shapes foreign policy attitudes Shana Kushner Gadarian
Effectiveness of international propaganda L. John Martin

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