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Studying Your Workforce

Studying Your Workforce
Applied Research Methods and Tools for the Training and Development Practitioner

July 1997 | 155 pages | SAGE Publications, Inc
By outlining the basic principles of research and tying them in with human resource

development (HRD) functions, this practical guidebook describes how to apply specific research methods to common HRD problems.

Topics covered include performance problem analysis, performance solutions

and assessing solution adequacy. Background sections on the theoretical and

research aspects of the methods are included, with examples drawn from

the field showing the approach used in practice. The book concludes with a

discussion of special issues including legal and ethical concerns, reporting

results, sample size and statistical analysis issues, and confidentiality and


Using Research for Training and Development
Data Collection
Planning, Testing and Observing

Data Collection
Survey, Interviews and Reporting Results

Front-End Assessment
Identifying Performance Problems

Front-End Assessment
Basing HRD Programs on Needs Analysis

Developing HRD Solutions
Assessing the Adequacy of HRD Solutions

Plenty of techniques and methods to aid analysis of training and development effectiveness in a work place.

Mr Anthony Goddard
Adult education, Tameside College
July 17, 2012

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