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Small Group Research

Small Group Research

An International Journal of Theory, Investigation, and Application

eISSN: 15528278 | ISSN: 10464964 | Current volume: 55 | Current issue: 3 Frequency: Bi-monthly

Meeting Your Needs

A leader in the field, Small Group Research: An International Journal of Theory, Investigation and Application offers you the latest research, theory and empirically supported applications. Small Group Research is devoted to increasing communication among specialists who, like yourself, are interested in the systematic study of small groups and small group phenomena.


Taking an interdisciplinary approach, the journal addresses and connects three vital areas of study:

  • The psychology of small groups
  • Communication within small groups
  • Organizational behavior of small groups

Small Group Research offers research and comprehensive theory relating to all types of groups, such as:

  • Intact Work Groups
  • Family Groups
  • Mixed-Profession Groups
  • Self-Help Groups
  • Groups in Educational Settings
  • Social Work Groups 
  • Teams 
  • Experimental and Laboratory Groups 
  • Therapy and Treatment Groups

You'll find complete theoretical coverage of:

  • Conflict Management
  • Social Perception
  • Team Productivity 
  • Team Building 
  • Group Decision Making 
  • Mediation 
  • Group Cohesiveness 
  • Status Generalization
  • Group Development 
  • Network Analysis

In-Depth Coverage

Small Group Research
occasionally supplements its broad coverage with in-depth studies of critical topics. These Special Issues are guest-edited by experts in the field, providing a balanced analysis of the subject at hand.

"Small Group Research gives me a single source for keeping up with the small group field. I find that the articles cover topics very much along the lines of my own interests. The Special Issues are particularly noteworthy" James G. Stenler Associate Dean, University of Portland

Small Group Research is an international and interdisciplinary journal presenting research, theoretical advancements, and empirically supported applications with respect to all types of small groups. Through advancing the systematic study of small groups, this journal seeks to increase communication among all who are professionally interested in group phenomena.

Dennis Kivlighan University of Maryland, USA
Lyn Van Swol University of Wisconsin-Madison, USA
Associate Editors
Bret H. Bradley University of Oklahoma, USA
Bertolt Meyer Technical University Chemnitz, Germany
Editorial Board
Paul Hangsan Ahn University of Wisconsin-Madison, USA
Joseph A. Allen University of Utah, USA
Raquel Asencio Purdue University, USA
Daniel G. Bachrach University of Alabama, USA
Michael R. Baumann University of Texas at San Antonio, USA
Stephenson J. Beck North Dakota State University, USA
Wendy Bedwell The University of Memphis, USA
Kristin Behfar London Business School, UK
Erich Bergiel University of West Georgia, USA
Lucy Betts Nottingham Trent University, UK
Katerina Bezrukova University at Buffalo, USA
Torsten Biemann University of Mannheim, Germany
Laura W. Black Ohio University, USA
Anita Lynn Blanchard University of North Carolina, Charlotte, USA
Joseph A. Bonito University of Arizona, USA
Bryan Bonner University of Utah, USA
Bret H. Bradley University of Oklahoma, USA
Aaron M. Brower University of Wisconsin Extended Campus, USA
Kyle Brykman University of Windsor, Canada
Michael Josef Burtscher Zurich University of Applied Sciences, Switzerland
Jin Wook Chang Korea University, South Korea
Yunhyung Chung University of Idaho, USA
Mark Clark American University, USA
Alexandra (Sasha) Cook University of Amsterdam, Netherlands
Chris Dakes University of Wisconsin, Madison, USA
Jeremy Dawson Sheffield University, UK
Eric Anthony Day University of Oklahoma, USA
Simon De Jong Maastricht University, Netherlands
Vanessa Druskat University of New Hampshire, USA
Kyle Emich University of Delaware, USA
Mark Eys Wilfrid Laurier University, Canada
Jennifer Feitosa Claremont McKenna University, Canada
Colin M. Fisher University College London, UK
Charles D. Garvin University of Michigan, USA
Josette Gevers Eindhoven University of Technology, Netherlands
Kenneth T. Goh Singapore Management University, Singapore
Martin Götz University of Zurich, Switzerland
Lisa Handke FAU Erlangen-Nuremberg, Germany
Sarah Harvey University College London, UK
Verlin B. Hinsz North Dakota State University, USA
Andrew Ishak Santa Clara University, USA
Michele Jackson College of William and Mary, USA
Alan R. Johnson Nord University, Norway
Aimee Kane Duquesne University, USA
Steve Karau Southern Illinois University, USA
Tal Katz-Navon Reichman University, Israel
Shannon Kerwin Brock University, Canada
Richard Kettner-Polley Global Synergy University, USA
Joann N. Keyton North Carolina State University, USA
D. Martin Kivlighan University of Iowa, USA
Florian Klonek Deakin University, Australia
Tine Köhler University of Melbourne, Australia
Florian Kunze University of Konstanz, Germany
Jonathan A. Kush University of Massachusetts Dartmouth, USA
Kyle Lewis University of California- Santa Barbara, USA
Gaetano Roman Lotrecchiano George Washington University, USA
Robert Lount Ohio State University, USA
Mark Macgowan Florida International University, USA
Randy H. Magen Boise State University, USA
Mary M. Maloney University of St. Thomas, USA
Poppy Lauretta McLeod Cornell University, USA
Jamie McMinn Westminster University, USA
Annika L. Meinecke University of Hamburg, Germany
Julija Mell Erasmus University, Netherlands
Abby Mello Towson University, USA
Bertolt Meyer Technical University Chemnitz, Germany
Thomas O'Neill University of Calgary, Canada
John G. Oetzel The University of Waikato, New Zealand
Yohsuke Ohtsubo University of Tokyo, Japan
Esther Jihyun Paik Texas Christian University, USA
Susannah Paletz University of Maryland, USA
Ernest Park Grand Valley State University, USA
Emily Paskewitz University of Tennessee-Knoxville, USA
Paul Paulus The University of Texas at Arlington, USA
Tuck Pescosolido University of New Hampshire, USA
Andrew Pilny University of Kentucky, USA
David Pincus Chapman University, USA
Jane Prichard University of Southhampton, UK
Anneloes Raes University of Navarra, Spain
Torsten Reimer Purdue University, USA
Hong Ren University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, USA
Charles D. Samuelson University of Oslo, Norway
Cliff W. Scott University of North Carolina at Charlotte, USA
Valeria I. Sessa Montclair State University, USA
Priti Pradhan Shah University of Minnesota, USA
Marissa Shuffler Clemson University, USA
Endre Sjøvold Norwegian University of Science and Technology, Norway
Christine M Smith Grand Valley State University, USA
Kim K. Smith St. Norbert College
Paul R. Smokowski University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, USA
Anit Somech University of Haifa, Israel
Chester S. Spell Rutgers University, USA
Trevor M. Spoelma University of New Mexico
Murat Tarakci Erasmus University, Netherlands
Melissa Thomas-Hunt University of Virginia, USA
Gergana Todorova California State University, Fullerton, USA
Eric Donald Wesselmann Illinois State University, USA
Jessica Wildman Florida Institute of Technology, USA
Kevyn Yong Singapore Institute of Management, Singapore
Kay Yoon University of Colorado-Colorado Springs, USA
Alaina C. Zanin Arizona State University, USA
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