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Communicating with Data Visualisation

Communicating with Data Visualisation
A Practical Guide

November 2021 | 368 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd
How can you transform a spreadsheet of numbers into a clear, compelling story that your audience will want to pass on? This book is a step-by-step guide to bringing data to life through visualisations, from static charts and maps to interactive infographics and motion graphics.

Introducing a four-step framework to creating engaging and innovative visualisations, it helps you to:
·       Find the human stories in your datasets
·       Design a visual story that will resonate with your audience
·       Make a clear, persuasive visual that represents your data truthfully
·       Refine your work to ensure your visual expresses your story in the best possible way.

This book also includes a portfolio of best-practice examples and annotated templates to help you choose the right visual for the right audience, and repurpose your work for different contexts.
Introduction: Notes from the Underground
Part 1: The Data Visualisation Process
Chapter 1: Find, design, make, refine
Chapter 2: A spectrum of right answers
Chapter 3: Find
Chapter 4: Designing Static Graphics
Chapter 5: Making Static Graphics
Chapter 6: An Introduction to Interactive Data Visualisation
Chapter 7: Designing Motion Graphics
Chapter 8: Making Motion Graphics
Chapter 9: Designing Interactive Infographics
Chapter 10: Making Interactive Infographics
Chapter 11: Refine
Chapter 12: Resources
Part 2: Finding the Right Chart For Your Story

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