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Citizens Against Bullying

Citizens Against Bullying
A Six Lesson Citizenship Programme for 8 to 11 Year Olds

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Anti-Bullying Strategies

May 2004 | 88 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd
This pack was devised to teach young people about bullying in both school and social settings. A team sports model is used to encourage a co-operative atmosphere where children work together to stop bullying. Children form teams to develop their anti-bullying rules and tactics and become Citizens Against Bullying. This exciting idea uses the team principles:

" formation of a cohesive group

" working together for the good of all

" solving problems.

The book includes teacher notes, resources for six lessons and ideas for the celebration of the work done culminating in the children providing a school assembly.

A valuable resource linking the PSCHE curriculum with anti-bullying work.

Anti-Bullying Programme
Lesson 1
Introduction to the Programme

Lesson 2
What is Bullying?

Lesson 3
Rules for Team Membership

Lesson 4
Tactics for Team Membership

Lesson 5
Assembly Preparation and Practice

Lesson 6
Poster Competition and Badge Making