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Rob Anderson Saint Louis University, Missouri, USA

Rob Anderson, professor of communication and professor of international studies at Saint Louis University, teaches and learns about dialogue in campus settings, interpersonal relationships, and media institutions. His articles on these topics have appeared since 1972 in journals from a variety of disciplines. A vigorous advocate of the dialogue of coauthorship, Rob’s ten books include texts in communication theory and interviewing, as well as scholarly studies of public dialogue in contemporary journalism and intellectual history—The Conversation of Journalism (Praeger, 1994), The Reach of Dialogue (Hampton Press, 1994), The Martin Buber-Carl Rogers Dialogue (SUNY, 1997), and Moments of Meeting (SUNY, 2002). He believes the following to be therapeutic: Quiet dinners with Dona, sitting on the porch, watching soccer, Miles Davis on the stereo, and classes that talk back.