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Len Cairns Monash University, Australia

Leonard Cairns, PhD, FRSA, is an Adjunct Associate professor at Monash University, Australia, and was previously Associate dean in the Faculty of Education, at Monash University. Len is a past Chair of the Workplace Learning Special Interest Group of the American Educational Research Association and has been a long-time member of the EERA, VETNET group. Len is an associate editor of a number of international journals and reviews for journals in the areas of VET, Management and Learning and Teacher Education. His research on work, learning and VET, and Capability Theory and application, has led to many publications. Past SAGE edited books have included The SAGE Handbook of Workplace Learning (Malloch, Cairns, Evans and O'Connor, Eds, 2011) and the four volume "major work", Learning and Teaching in Higher Education, (Malloch, Cairns and O'Connor Eds, 2016).