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Hubert Zimmermann Philipps-University Marburg, Germany

Hubert ZIMMERMANN is Professor of International Relations at Philipps University Marburg, Germany.  After graduating from the European University Institute in Florence (Italy), he has held, among others, positions at Düsseldorf University (Germany) and Cornell University (USA). His current research focuses on international security, global financial and monetary policy, the European Union (in particular its foreign economic and security policies), foreign military intervention, and transatlantic relations. Among his publications are Money and Security (Cambridge UP 2002), a book comparing EU and U.S. policies in the integration of China to the WTO (Drachenzähmung, Nomos 2007), a volume on the justification of military intervention (Militärische Missionen, Hamburger Edition 2023) and the European Union (Key Controversies in European Integration, 3d.ed., Palgrave 2020), as well as numerous articles in scholarly journals.