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Writing for Social Work

Writing for Social Work

February 2021 | 208 pages | Learning Matters
Writing is an important skill, not just for a social work degree, but also as an integral part of practice. Social workers need to be able to write effectively in a range of formats for different contexts. Equipping students with guidance on both academic and assessed writing, and writing in social work practice, this book will use case studies and examples to develop their ability to plan and respond to the challenges of new and familiar writing tasks.
Chapter 1: How to be an effective writer
Part One: Academic and assessed writing
Chapter 2: Before you write
Chapter 3: Writing an essay
Chapter 4: Reflective writing
Chapter 5: Writing about practice
Chapter 6: Writing about research
Part Two: Writing in social work practice
Chapter 7: Case recording
Chapter 8: Assessments and reports
Chapter 9: Writing for court
Chapter 10: Therapeutic writing

Sample Materials & Chapters

Chapter 1: How to be an effective writer