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Why Aren’t You Writing?

Why Aren’t You Writing?
Research, Real Talk, Strategies, & Shenanigans

February 2021 | 192 pages | SAGE Publications, Inc

Write more with less pain!  Why Aren’t You Writing?: Research, Real Talk, Strategies, & Shenanigans describes research on how bright and otherwise fairly normal people lose their minds when it comes to writing, and then shows the reader how to stop being one of those people. Author Sharon Zumbrunn designed this brief text for beginning and struggling academic writers so they can understand the psychological hang-ups that can get in the way of productivity.

This book intertwines social and behavioral science research and humor to offer tips and exercises to help writers overcome their hurdles. Each chapter includes a description of findings from psychological and related research on writing hurdles and personal experiences of the writing process. Within the chapters, the author provides practical strategies and resources to help writers move beyond the challenges holding them back. 

Why Aren't You Writing? acknowledges how emotionally and mentally challenging it can be to be a "writer." This book helps readers to balance the hard work required for change with a bit of levity often necessary for withstanding sustained difficult thinking and meaningful change. Together, the components of this text present a systematic approach for beginning and struggling academics to become aware of what might be happening in their heads when they (don’t) write, and harness that knowledge to build a healthier and more resilient relationship with writing.

Chapter 1: Introduction
Chapter 2: Imposter Syndrome and Writer Identity
Chapter 3: Writing Stress and Anxiety
Chapter 4: Writing Self-Efficacy
Chapter 5: Maladaptive Perfectionism
Chapter 6: Autonomy in Our Work and Writing
Chapter 7: Embracing the Feedback Process
Chapter 8: Finding Social Support for Writing
Chapter 9: The Importance of Wellness and Self-Care
Afterword: An (Un)Ending of Sorts

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ISBN: 9781544341156