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Using Stata for Quantitative Analysis

Using Stata for Quantitative Analysis

Third Edition
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October 2019 | 280 pages | SAGE Publications, Inc

Using Stata for Quantitative Analysis offers a brief but thorough introduction to analyzing data in undergraduate and graduate level research methods, statistics, and data analysis courses using Stata software. Kyle C. Longest teaches the language of Stata from an intuitive perspective, allowing students with no experience in statistical software to start working with data quickly and complete a basic quantitative research project from start to finish.

The Third Edition covers the use of Stata 15 and includes more information on data management and non-linear regression techniques. Enhanced layouts make finding important commands easy.

Part I: Foundations for Working with Stata
Chapter 1: Getting to Know Stata 15
What You See

Getting Started With Data Files

Chapter 2: The Essentials
Intuition and Stata Commands

The Structure of Stata Commands

The 5 Essential Commands

Nonessential, Everyday Commands

Chapter 3: Do Files and Data Management
What Is a Do File?

Data Management

Part II: Quantitative Analysis With Stata
Chapter 4: Descriptive Statistics
Frequency Distributions

Measures of Central Tendency and Variability

Chapter 5: Relationships Between Nominal and Ordinal Variables

Chapter 6: Relationships Between Different Measurement Levels
Testing Means

Analysis of Variance (ANOVA)

Chapter 7: Relationships Between Interval-Ratio Variables

Linear Regression

Chapter 8: Enhancing Your Command Repertoire
Stata Help Files

Advanced Convenience Commands

Expanding Stata's Capabilities



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Data sets accompanying this book are available for download. 

“Learning to use statistical software can be an intimidating experience that is often made excessively difficult by textbooks that provide unclear explanations and overwhelming detail. In Using Stata for Quantitative Analysis, Longest well balances overview and detail of Stata’s components, commands, and instructional resources that will help new users.”

Charles Plante
University of Saskatchewan

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2: The Essentials

4: Descriptive Statistics

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