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Urban Regeneration

Urban Regeneration

Second Edition
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Urban Planning

October 2016 | 360 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd

Urban Regeneration is widely discussed but less widely understood. Fully revised with important new policy, case studies and international analysis, the Second Edition of Urban Regeneration will correct that. The 16 chapters, written by leading experts, are organised into four sections:

  • The Context for Urban Regeneration: The history and evolution
  • Major Themes and Topics: Including Housing, Community, Employment and the Environment
  • Key Issues in Managing Urban Regeneration: Including Legal and Organisational considerations
  • Experience Elsewhere and a View of the Future: Expanded section now discussing Australia and the Celtic Fringe as well as Europe and the USA

This is the essential handbook for practitioners involved in regeneration, as well as students of planning, urban studies, geography and architecture.

Peter Roberts, Hugh Sykes and Rachel Granger
Ch. 1 Introduction
Peter Roberts
Ch. 2 The Evolution, Definition and Purpose of Urban Regeneration
Andrew Carter and Peter Roberts
Ch. 3 Strategy and Partnership in Urban Regeneration
Nigel Berkeley, David Jarvis and David Noon
Ch. 4 Funding Economic Regeneration
Paul Jeffrey and Rachel Granger
Ch. 5 Physical and Environmental Aspects
Rachel Granger
Ch. 6 Social and Community Issues
Trevor Hart
Ch. 7 Employment and skills
Martin McNally and Rachel Granger
Ch. 8 Housing Development and Urban Regeneration
Amanda Beresford, Richard Fleetwood and Mark Gaffney
Ch. 9 Regeneration by Land Development: the Legal Issues
Rod Spires and Barry Moore
Ch. 10 Monitoring and Evaluation
Dalia Lichfield
Ch. 11 Organisation and Management
Rachel Granger and Martin McNally
Ch. 12 Transatlantic Policy Exchanges
Deborah Peel and Greg Lloyd
Ch. 13 Urban Regeneration: Experiences and Insights from the Celtic Fringe
Paul Drewe
Ch. 14 European Experiences
Peter Newton and Giles Thomson
Ch. 15 Urban Regeneration in Australia
Peter Roberts, Hugh Sykes and Rachel Granger
Ch. 16 Current Challenges and Future Prospects

This excellent 2nd edition offers a  comprehensive update on past and contemporary regeneration research, policy and practice. It addresses future prospects, challenges and choices facing governments worldwide. This superb collection of UK and international chapters identifies best practice and opportunities for policy learning. The original editors, joined by a third,  have broadened both scope and direction. Early (updated) chapters follow a similar format  to the first edition, but the content and international scope of later chapters are significantly extended. A welcome addition to a multi-disciplinary topic, it will have wide appeal as it elucidates and simplifies a highly complex field 

Joyce Liddle
Professor of Public Leadership and Management, Aix-Marseille Universite

This new edition of Urban Regeneration provides a significant contribution to the study of cities and regeneration.  Written by some of the leading names from practice and academia, the book draws out the principal themes and cutting edge ideas that students of planning, property and real estate, geography, political science and urban regeneration will find indispensable.

Mark Tewdwr-Jones
Professor of Architecture, Planning & Landscape, Newcastle University

Thre first edition of Roberts & Sykes' 'Urban Regeneration: a handbook' was published hot on the heels of the Urban Task Force report and became essential reading for students and academics in the noughties. The authors' definition of urban regeneration gained recognition and the breadth of contributions was impressive. A lot has changed in the intervening period and New Labour's Urban Renaissance is now a fading memory in austerity era Britain. Most of the urban regeneration policies and programmes that operated at the turn of the millennium have been scrapped, along with most area based regeneration initiatives. The new edition is situated in this very different policy environment. The major themes are still the same, but they have been recalibrated to 2015, in many cases by the original contributors. The experience from elsewhere has been expanded to include the Celtic Fringe. It is just a shame that the book was unable to capitalise on the post-Grenfell re-awakening of urban regeneration as a political issue in England. Maybe we won't have to wait so long for a 3rd edition?

Dr Paul Greenhalgh
Urban Studies, University of Northumbria
October 30, 2017

Very important in knowing about urban formation

Dr Indjy Mohamed shawket
Urban Studies , Modern academy for engineering and technology
July 12, 2016

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