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Understanding Teaching and Learning in Primary Education

Understanding Teaching and Learning in Primary Education

Edited by:

March 2014 | 352 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd

This textbook supports your initial teacher education by providing guidance and insight into the professional knowledge and understanding, skills and abilities, and values and commitments necessary in order to succeed in the primary classroom.

Coverage includes:

  • View from practice boxes in every chapter exploring real-life examples of intelligent and engaging teaching in schools
  • Thinking points and reflective questions challenging you to engage critically with what you have read and apply it to your own teaching
  • Links to further reading connecting you to specialised literature on every chapter topic
  • Clear discussion of education policy differences across the UK.

Mike Carroll is the PGDE (Primary and Secondary) Programme Leader and Director of the MEd Professional Learning and Enquiry programme in the School of Education, University of Glasgow.  Margaret McCulloch is a University Teacher within the School of Education, University of Glasgow.

Mike Carroll and Margaret McCulloch
The context for primary education in the twenty-first century
Julie McAdam and Evelyn Arizpe
Childhood and diversity
Mary Wingrave
Early years education
Mike Carroll
Models of teaching and learning
Maureen Farrell and A. Graeme Pate
Planning for learning and teaching in the primary classroom
Margaret McCulloch
Social and emotional contexts for learning
George Head
Identity, relationships and behaviour
Vivienne Baumfield
Developing a capacity for learning
Mike Carroll
Collaborative learning
Mike Carroll and Fiona McGregor
Interdisciplinary learning
Margaret Sutherland and Niamh Stack
Creating challenge in the classroom
Louise Hayward and Ernest Spencer
Assessment for learning
Alan Britton
Education for global citizenship and sustainable development
Leonardo Franchi and Leon Robinson
Spiritual development
Moyra Boland, Margaret Jago and Jan MacDonald
Teaching for creativity and creative teaching
Stephen Boyle and David McKinstry
Digital learning
George MacBride and Margaret McCulloch
Mike Carroll
Working with other adults
Beth Dickson and Irene McQueen
Working together: improvement through practitioner enquiry
Christine Forde and Margery McMahon
Leadership for learning: the evolving role of the primary teacher

'This book reveals the rich and dynamic world of primary pedagogy, offering existing and future teachers insight and guidance to support their practice.  It successfully integrates evidence from large scale research with classroom vignettes and offers a fresh perspective on critical issues.  It will help teachers develop as autonomous, creative and informed professionals, ensuring their successful contribution to primary education.' 


Rachel Lofthouse
Head of Teacher Learning and Development, Newcastle University

This book will make a significant contribution to teacher education in Scotland. I offer the following response:

The authors are to be applauded for addressing important professional  issues for beginning teachers.

The emphasis on an inclusive perspective is appropriate for this readership.

Setting the teacher education experience alongside a developing value base within  wider national and global  contexts is also well justified.

The writing is accessible but well -theorised and  appropriately referenced.

Book chapters focus on contemporary issues of interest in Teacher Education.


Chapter 4 T&L

Very useful overview of theoretical models of teaching and learning with good exemplification from practice.  Closely aligned with needs of student teachers.

Chapter 5 Lesson Planning

Good analysis of elements of lesson planning. Excellent links with reflective practice. Framework for reflective practice before, during after teaching helpful.

Chapter 10 IDL

Draws productively on Fogarty and QCDA modls to provide analytical frameworks to approach the teaching of IDL. Does not provide very clear links to children’s learning.

Chapter  12 AifLr

Updates previously published work on AifL.  Adds new understanding about AifL for teacher educators. Concepts of curricular progression, independent learning, feedback are fully explored in relation to these new understandings

Chapter  19

Provides a succinct summary of the debate surrounding Practitioner Enquiry, a ‘hot topic’ in current Teacher Education practices.

Lesley Reid
Senior Lecturer and Director, PGDE (Primary) Programme, University of Edinburgh

'The authors are to be applauded for addressing important professional  issues for beginning teachers. Setting the teacher education experience alongside a developing value base within wider national and global  contexts, book chapters focus on contemporary issues of interest in Teacher Education and the writing is accessible but well -theorised and  appropriately referenced.'

Dr Lesley Reid
Senior Lecturer and Director, PGDE (Primary) Programme, The University of Edinburgh

Overall, it is this reader’s perception that the book deserves a place not only on the primary student teacher’s bookshelves, but also in faculty libraries that support initial teacher education... The writing style makes the text eminently readable while giving student teachers a grounding in important micro and macro factors that influence primary teacher education. Importantly, this book provides a range of literature to support practical classrooms strategies and requirements, while providing student teachers with opportunities to develop their own perspectives on various topics relating to initial teacher education.

Jenny Horsley
New Zealand Journal of Educational Studies

The book covers a range of current and relevant aspects for student teachers.
The reader-friendly layout and regular 'Thinking Point' style makes the book accessible and an aid to potential discussion around some key issues.

Mrs Eileen Moloney
Faculty of Education, Canterbury Christ Church University
June 29, 2015

Not appropriate information for our students.

Mrs Miranda Dodd
School of Education, Southampton University
June 2, 2015

Useful all round book

Mrs Rhiannon Love
Teacher Development, Winchester University
May 21, 2015

A good text to accompany the course.

Mrs Louise Wormwell
Department of Education, Newman University
April 23, 2015

Useful case studies and reflection points support trainees to engage in reflection following professional experiences in school.

Mrs Marion Hobbs
Education, Edge Hill University
March 19, 2015

Comprehensive text covering a range of issues relevant to teaching and learning in the primary school. A recommended read.

Mrs Alison Carney
Department of Childhood Studies, Canterbury Christ Church University
March 11, 2015

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Chapter 3: Early years education

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